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Badminton - Summer Camp

Get ready to let your kid explore Summer Camp - Badminton with The Majesstine Sports & bring on some fun, sports skills & excitement in their routine this summer.... Read more

Badminton - Summer Camp

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About the camp

Time for your kid to take their badminton playing skills to the next level with this badminton summer camp offered by The Majesstine Sports

The summer camp will cover all modules of the game with advanced coachings- Such as scoring points by landing the shuttlecock in your opponent’s court, forcing your opponent to hit the shuttlecock out of the court area, forcing your opponent to hit the shuttlecock into the net, and much more techniques to become a champion on it. Badminton -Summer camp is associated with Baddyzone and Lining. Baddyzone Head Coach, Mohith Kamat, a National player, and an Olympic Gold Quest trained coach is the top trainer for badminton. He is also one of the top coaches of India. TMS is also all set to bring in Tier 1 Coaches for other training facilities.

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