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Badminton - Intermediate - 1 Month

Learn the most effective badminton techniques efficiently with Vanquisher badminton Academy. (Intermediate- 1 month)... Read more

Badminton - Intermediate - 1 Month

About the course

Improve your kids' badminton techniques with Vanquisher Badminton Academy's offline (Intermediate 1- month) training sessions. In this intermediate training session, coaches will take you through various approaches and skills to improve you as a player. They will help you build accurate strokes, focus on the high-intensity workout and proper nutrition, sequence game training, and Muscle activation training. Also, they will focus on HIIT training to improve your agility and endurance drills. Trainers have 10 yrs of coaching experience and coached state and national level players. They have also taken part in state and national level tournaments and won many awards. Parents will also receive a monthly evaluation report of their child's performance.

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