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Badminton - Beginner - Yearly

Want your kid to master the smash shots and strokes? Vanquisher Badminton Academy offers you (yearly beginner level) badminton training to upgrade your skills.... Read more

Badminton - Beginner - Yearly

About the course

It's time for your kids to learn badminton with Vanquisher Badminton Academy's offline beginner training programs. The skilled coaches have designed a yearly training program that will help children to reach their full potential. In this beginner training program, coaches will take you through different techniques and drills. Among the topics covered are the concept of strokes, warm-ups, accuracy drills, strokes, smash accuracy drills, footwork, and more. About the coaches: They have 7-10 yrs of coaching experience and coached state and national level players. Currently, they are playing state and national tournaments. Their accomplishments are equally impressive.

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