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Badminton - Advance 3 Monthss

Vanquisher Badminton Academy offers 3-months of advanced badminton training. There's no better time for children to improve their skills and have fun in a safe environment. ... Read more

Badminton - Advance 3 Monthss

About the course

The Vanquisher Badminton Program is a one-of-a-kind approach to teaching your children the fundamentals of badminton strokes and gameplay. We teach them why, How, and when to perform each stroke. Game-based learning makes learning more enjoyable. Children will be given levels to accomplish, and the more levels they will complete, the better they will be at mastering the stroke. Your children will be taught how to increase their endurance, agility, and footwork by coaches. This 3-month coaching will include stroke skills, sequence game training, mind training, and eye training. It's a real treat for your children to learn all badminton strategies under the supervision of skilled trainers.

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