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Advanced Java - 3 Months Course

Master the Advanced Java online within 3 months with Puja Poddar, the Java Programmer. Mastering it will help students to get hold of the language and become an expert.... Read more

Advanced Java - 3 Months Course


Want to master Java in just 3 months?

Well, Puja Poddar offers 3 months course for Advanced Java, the object-oriented programming language is used widely in android apps and desktop applications. The classes are for intermediate learners and will cover all major advanced topics right from algorithms, interfaces, libraries, and Primitive classes. It will cover: 

  • Introduction to Advanced Java. 
  • JDBC. What is JDBC? JDBC Architecture.
  • Steps to create a JDBC Application.
  • Java Servlets - Introduction to Java Servlets. 
  • Servlet Life Cycle -Steps to create Servlet
  • JSP - Introduction to JSP & Life Cycle of JSP. 
  • JSP Scripting Elements.    

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