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Acrylic Painting Course
Acrylic Painting Course

Get ready to let your kids explore the Acrylic Painting course with N S Kumbar Art and master the basics of this incredible art type in no time.... Read more

Acrylic Painting Course
Acrylic Painting Course

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About the Course

In this Acrylic Painting Course offered by N S Kumbar, your child will learn how to get started painting in acrylics. The course covers all the acrylic painting modules -characteristics of Acrylic Paint, differences between Acrylic Paint and Oil Paints, which Acrylic Paints are best to use, how to use Acrylic Paints, basic primary colour palette to use for landscape, painting effectively with acrylics, and the basic equipment to use for acrylic painting.

This course is devised to ensure your child learns the best and most effective techniques in acrylic painting, and thus creating a masterpiece in his/her own good time.

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