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ABC of Vedic Values & Culture by EMPLIHI
ABC of Vedic Values & Culture by EMPLIHI

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Step into the ancient world of Vedic cultures and learn significant lessons. Know all about Vedic values and cultures. This special comprehensive program for kids offers online streaming of digital lessons for religious manuscripts like Bhagwat Gita, Mahabharat, and Ramayan, etc. ... Read more

ABC of Vedic Values & Culture by EMPLIHI
ABC of Vedic Values & Culture by EMPLIHI

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Emplihi offers the Vedic classes for students so that they can explore the rich cultural heritage of India, including core values, using the medium of stories and activities. The mode of delivery is Hindi & Sanskrit language. Children are also taught popular Bhajans and Shlokas.

The online classes are organized into various levels, aligning techniques with cognitive and emotional development of kids. It covers the ABC or basics of our Hindu mythology specially designed for yound minds.

Session 1- Teachings from Ramanyana

- Intro about Ramayana

- Importance & Significance of Ramayana

- Teachings through different Shlokas

Session 2- Teachings from Mahabharatha

- Intro about Mahabharatha

- Importance & Significance of Mahabharatha

- Teachings through different Shlokas

Session 3- Teachings from Bhagwad Gita

- Intro about Bhagwad Gita

- Importance & Significance of Gita

- Teachings through different Shlokas

- Important Shloka Chanting Practise

Session 4- Teachings from Vedas

- Intro to Vedas

-Types of Vedas

- Importance & Significance of each Veda

- Teachings of Vedas through different Shlokas and short stories

Session 5- Small Test & Q& A

 Explore Indian values in an interesting way and let children begin the amazing journey of religious teachings. 

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 Emplihi, a renowned event based company provides end-to-end services for organizations and personal events in different categories, activities, and workshops. All the events and workshops by them are unique, innovative, and motivational.

The online classes started by them are conducted by there enthusiastic professionals who hold rich experience in the field. They believe online classes need social listening and bonding that help children to give their best and they buffer for experiential learning quickly.


Kids need to carry course related Materials Any future requirements will be guided by the tutor afterward.

Instructions To Follow
Classes will be conducted online Via Zoom depending on the number of participants. The Link will be shared on the day of Class.
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