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Abacus Workshop- Count the Beads

Let your kids be a part of this interactive and engaging online abacus workshop and let them learn some tricks and techniques that will enable them to solve complex math problems easily. ... Read more

Abacus Workshop- Count the Beads

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About the Workshop

It's time for you to take your kid's math skills to another level with an abacus workshop brought to you by Shweta abacus. Abacus will make maths fun and engaging for your kids. This is a highly engaging and interactive workshop that will help in improving the learning abilities of your child and it will encourage help them to ace the concepts of mental math easily. During the workshop, your kids will be exposed to a range of different exercises and activities that will help in brushing up the math skills of your kids. Therefore, get ready to provide your child with the best math learning experience by enrolling them in this comprehensive workshop.

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