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Abacus Workshop- Overcome Your Math Fear!

Engage your little one in a fun and interactive abacus workshop to explore a new way to learning math and improve their calculation skills. Take your child's visualization skills to the next level with this online workshop by Shweta Abacus Classes. ... Read more

Abacus Workshop- Overcome Your Math Fear!

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About the workshop

Looking for a fun maths learning session for your little one?

Get it right here with this online Abacus workshop. The flexible Abacus curriculum is everything you need for making your kid learn computation solving concepts and visualization skills.

This workshop will help in accelerating your child's learning by enriching him/her with rapid mental mathematics. This virtual Abacus workshop is an orderly evaluation of Abacus usage and is kid-friendly to ensure better learning.

Hurry up and Join the workshop now!