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Abacus level 8

Grab this chance to boost your child's Abacus knowledge to the advanced level and see him/her discover the magic of mental maths! 1.LCM with abacus 2.PERCENTAGE with abacus 3.Mental : Decimal multilplication Decimal division 4.Square root with abacus 5.Cube root with abacus ... Read more

Abacus level 8


These Level 8 Abacus Classes are the ultimate Bran Gym for your child's development and growth. In these classes, your child will master: 

1.LCM with Abacus

2.Percentage with Abacus

3.Mental: Decimal multiplication

4.Mental: Decimal division

5.Square root with abacus

6.Cube root with abacus

After these classes, your child will be confident and competent in Abacus problem solving as well as mental maths. The speed of his planning and problem-solving techniques will increase manifolds and he/she will successfully be able to solve large numerical problems in milliseconds! Enroll now and see your child evolve!

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