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Abacus level 7

Grab this opportunity to take your child's Abacus knowledge to the next level. Decimal sum calculations and practice in this level strengthens both the skills of your child – concentration and speed!.... Read more

Abacus level 7


Wondering what your child will learn in the Level 7 Abacus Classes? Here's a brief of the curriculum : 

1. Abacus : Decimal Addition and subtraction, Decimal Multiplication, Decimal division

2. Mental: Decimal addition and subtraction; 3 Digit (10 rows)

3. Multiplication: 3Digit by 1- Digit (Mental);4 - Digit by 1- Digit (Mental); 2 - Digit by 2 – Digit (Abacus & Mental)

4. Division: 3 Digit by 1 Digit (Mental); 4 Digit by 1- Digit (Mental); 3 / 4 - Digits by 2 – Digits (Abacus & Mental)

After the completion of the course, your child will develop:

1. Speed writing which is an all-level practice attains a matured phase.

2. Decimal calculations bring in stronger challenge and accomplishment possibilities.

3. Listening skills strengthen further.

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