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Abacus level 3

Blink or miss this opportunity to strengthen your child's speed writing skills, listening, and visualisation skills with these Level 3 Abacus Classes! Listening-based calculations don't just sharpen the skills of working with more digits and longer numbers, but also enhance listening skills!... Read more

Abacus level 3

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Level 3 Abacus Classes will broaden your child's knowledge and speed on Abacus and Mental Maths! The children learn two and three-digit addition and subtraction, ranging from rows 4, 5 and 6 for 2 digits and 2, 3 and d4 for 3 digits numbers. Their mental math capacities also increase from Level 2. in this level, your child will be able to mentally solve 10 rows in 1 digit, 3 rows in 2 digits, and multiplication of 1 into 1 digit. 

These classes further strengthen concentration skills, which the child can apply on necessary occasions. This training sets your kid apart from the rest. Manipulating mental images of the Abacus slider and colours enable advanced speed in the calculation for the children. Mental computation starts at Level 3 too. The structure of the classes helps in improving listening-based calculations, as well as their general listening skills. Finger movements become faster and more intense while it induces brain stimulation with accordance to nerves in the fingers of both hands. Simultaneous activation of both the hemispheres of the brain occurs in these classes. 

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