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Abacus level 2

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance the writing speed of the child while familiarizing him/her with numbers in these Level 2 Abacus Classes! The children develop quality content writing skills while having fun-filled learning with numbers. ... Read more

Abacus level 2

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Level 2 Abacus Classes are curated to benefit your child in multiple aspects. These classes help in Speed Writing skill enhancement while ensuring zero compromises on the quality of writing. They also familiarise themselves with numbers in a fun manner. One of the biggest takeaways from this course is the activation of the right hemisphere of the brain with an introduction to visualisation, by creating relatable ideas between numbers and images!

These classes are also known as 'brain-gym' because of the effect it has on the mental growth of the child. They practise their addition and subtraction skills, along with learning the application of the Abacus for 1 digit on 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th rows, and 2 digits on 2nd and 3rd rows. Mental calculation skills will also develop for single digits. 

In these classes, the speed of the child increases, hence they master the art of finishing in time. Their concentration also develops because of the focused attention that Abacus-learning demands. These classes also enhance observations and visualisation of an image, while relating them to numbers. This help in the overall development of memory retention. Enroll now!

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