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Abacus Level 1

Grab this amazing opportunity to introduce your child to Abacus! In these Level 1 Abacus Classes, children explore discipline and body postures, holding of the abacus and the pencil and much more.... Read more

Abacus Level 1


In these Level 1 Abacus Classes, children explore the discipline and right postures. They get accustomed to holding the Abacus and the pencil, which are the prerequisites to skill-learning. They are introduced to play-based learning methods which create interest and the ability to focus. 

These classes will teach the children the basics of Abacus usage along with solving simple addition and subtraction problems. They will also be able to deal with 3-5 rows of the Abacus. 

By the end of the course, there will be enhanced interest in the child to learn. He/she will be able to manipulate the sliders representing numbers with ease, and the speed of solving problems will steadily increase. Concentration skills are also boosted in these classes as it is necessary for the child to observe closely for a long duration for successful learning. 

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