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Abacus Classes - 3 Months Course

Grab the amazing opportunity to introduce your child to Abacus. In the 3-month Abacus Course, children will explore the abacus, and learn mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers with speed and accuracy.... Read more

Abacus Classes - 3 Months Course


Learning abacus will help Children to calculate simple mathematical problems rapidly and accurately. It will enhance the ability to do mental math utilizing the abacus image which allows quick calculation.

In these classes, students will learn Introduction to Abacus, manipulating the bead, Basic addition, subtraction with Abacus, Mentally Add & subtract, and simple speed math techniques, The Abacus Course will help children to improves concentration, memory, speed, accuracy, imagination skills, ability to visualize and high confidence levels.

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