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2*2 Rubik Cube

Make your kids a Rubik's Cube wizard by enrolling them in this comprehensive online course brought to you by RJs Classes. These classes will teach your kids some secret tips and tricks that will help them in completing the cube within a few seconds. Enroll now!... Read more

2*2 Rubik Cube

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About the Course

Is your child keen on learning a Rubik's cube? These online classes will be the best choice for your little wizards.

The foundation of solving a Rubik’s Cube revolves around breaking down the problem into tiny parts and then focusing on them separately. Thereby, your child, in the process of solving the Rubik’s Cube, learns the importance of each move. Trying out different combinations of moves, either brings them closer to solving the cube or takes them away. 

Nonetheless, this process of experimenting with twists - turns, and combinations help them pave the way out by developing a clear understanding of the problem-solving process. 

This comprehensive 2*2 Rubik's cube course brought to you by RJs classes will lay a special focus on patterns, algorithms, and different steps of completing a Rubik's cube-like a pro.

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