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2*2 Rubik Cube Classes

Learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube most simply and quickly with this 2*2 Rubik Classes brought to you by Anusha Rubik Classes. The skilled Speed Cubers will walk you through each level of solving the Rubik's cube with ease and in a fun and engaging environment.... Read more

2*2 Rubik Cube Classes

About the Course

The Rubik's cube is not only a puzzle but an excellent object for improving a child's mental ability. It begins with the cube in a shuffled arrangement, and the youngsters must solve the randomized color pattern and return it to its original pattern. The 2*2 Rubik's class brought to you by Anusha Rubik Classes will help kids to solve the Rubik pattern in seconds. In this masterclass, students will learn how to solve the cube in five steps, including exploring the algorithm, practicing with steps, and learning how to increase the speed to solve the cube faster. So, take out your Rubik's cube, and let's learn to solve it together.

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