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Mobile photography is the art of photography using a smartphone or mobile device. Defined using the philosophy of 'the best camera is the one that's always with you', mobile photography is the future of the art form. Discreet, intimate and always accessible to capture a moment. Costing pennies, mobile photography apps give you the creative power of Photoshop, and more besides, without being tied to your desk. This makes mobile photography incredibly liberating for the creative photographic spirit. Suddenly, every free moment is an opportunity to both take and craft images. There are many elements in photography that come together to make an image be considered “good”. Some of these elements include, but are not limited to lighting, the rule of thirds, lines, shapes, texture, patterns, and colour. Another important element used to make a good photograph is the rule of thirds.
Otherwise known as: iphoneography, mobile street photography or smartphone photography this relatively new form of photography has firmly established itself as the visual vanguard of the 21st century. A mobile photography tutor can help with learning how to use mobile photography. 
You don't need to lug around lots of lenses and a heavy camera body. There are a vast variety of apps available so that you can shoot, edit and upload your images straight from your device without the need to connect to a computer. A large number of mobile photos are snapshots of daily life – people simply Facebooking their lives – but people are doing a lot more with mobile photography nowadays than simply taking photos of their birthday parties or their cats. Having discovered they now always have a camera with them, that there is very little cost involved and that they can interact socially through their photos, millions of people have taken up photography through their smartphones as a creative hobby. A mobile photography tutor can help with learning how to use mobile photography. 
With commercial photography, the need for high resolution and impeccable light-handling makes phone cameras completely inadequate. Resolution in fine art photography can also be an issue, but, in theory at least, the high-end aesthetic photography world is not concerned with kit – just results. As mobile cameras deliver increasingly higher resolution photos, the results can be printed ever larger. Photography agencies are also tapping into the trend. With clients increasingly on the lookout for photos with the authenticity of imperfection, agencies are turning to non-professionals and the 250 million-plus photos uploaded every day to the internet. Some, perhaps ahead of the curve, are also seeking out the heavily processed look typical of mobile apps.
A mobile photography tutor can help with learning how to use mobile photography. Thanks to the social platforms, photography has a purpose. People have started taking more aesthetic photos that connect with complete strangers across the globe. What's more, the apps have released enormous creativity in people who might otherwise never have got involved with photography.