One on One Madhubani Painting Classes from Best Private Tutors on PiggyRide
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Online One-on-One Madhubani Art Classes 

Madhubani is a 2500 yrs old folk art of the Mithila region, Bihar. It signifies the social structure and cultural identity of the land. The basic theme of this art revolves around love, fertility, nature, Hindu goddesses, and religion. In the one-on-one classes, the art tutors will nurture the creativity in your child to express themselves through the vibrant and colourful geometrical patterns to make eye-catching and meaningful Madhubani artwork. Isn't it exciting to also learn about geometric patterns through your artwork? Art tutors will introduce unique Madhubani patterns using different methods, including your brushes, fingers, twigs, matchsticks, natural dyes, pens, and more. The red-brownish, yellow, and black hues predominate in these paintings. These Madhubani paintings are claimed to date back to the time of the Ramayana when King Janaka commissioned an artist to portray his daughter's Sita wedding with Lord Rama. Also, in those days, women used to make geometrical patterns on floors or walls during festivals to express their love for Gods, Goddesses, and nature. The Madhubani Art tutors will walk you through beautiful folk illustrations with one-on-one classes. The bright colors, distinctive borders, symbolism, and legendary tales are characteristics of this painting style. In older times, Madhubani art used natural colors. Flowers and turmeric were used to extract colors for the paintings. People changed from natural dyes to artificial dyes as this art progressed through time. Art was also once created on walls and floors, but nowadays, it is created on paper and canvas. However, people continue to be inspired by the beauty of Madhubani painting, and as the art has evolved, people have created unique art to express themselves. Art tutors will teach children easy techniques for drawing and painting calm and serene nature sceneries, such as the beauty of the Sun, Moon, smiling plants, deities from old epics, and much more. The art tutor will evaluate your child's approach to handling a pen to draw and paint in these One-on-One Classes. Allow your children to learn about geometrical forms while creating their own magnificent Madhubani art creations.