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Urban dance arose with the arrival of funk and disco music in the late 1960s and early 1970s. African American and Latino youth pioneered new dance forms in Brooklyn, New York's metropolitan regions. Urban dance is a style, a culture, and a way of life that revolves around choreographed pieces and performances by one or more dancers. It is influenced by several dance styles, but the choreographer's interpretation of the tunes ultimately determines the various dance steps. Get your one-on-one online classes for your little ones to experience a unique and creative dance style from the comfort of their home. Our One-on-one online urban dance classes are going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event for dance enthusiasts. The tutor will teach students how to interpret various forms of music and choreograph their dances on the spot. Kids will not only learn a new dance style in personalized courses, but they will also achieve a new level of confidence. Our certified and experienced tutors will break down the components of complex choreography for all novices to progress and learn the moves at their own pace in online one-on-one urban dance classes. Also, what's the most intriguing aspect of learning an urban dance style? Hip hop, street dancing, jazz, modern, tap, and other dance genres are all included in this dance genre. Children will be able to learn about different dance forms as well with just one dance. In online one-on-one classes, Children will be surrounded by support and encouragement. Our platform aims to inspire and motivate children based on their individual needs. One-on-one online urban dance classes will enhance kids' flexibility, self-esteem, and mental strength. Once kids master freestyle choreography and learn some flawless footwork and body motions, their self-confidence will skyrocket. It's time to unleash the benefits of this unique dance technique. Personalized tutors will encourage children's creativity and increase self-expression. Kids will enjoy to their fullest in one-on-one online urban dance classes, and it will also keep the child's overall health in check. Dancing is the best kind of exercise for a child's physical health, and encouraging your children to learn to dance at an early age can help them stay active for the rest of their life. Dance is also the perfect option for a shy child to build confidence and sociability. Our dance class encourages children to come out of their shells and practice expressing themselves in front of others through freestyle urban steps. Get these one-on-one online urban dance classes for your kids and let them learn a unique dance style.