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    Chess is a game of intelligence, and people who have played a lot of chess in life are said to have highly developed thinking abilities. Chess masters and players exhibit superior cognitive abilities than non-chess players. Playing chess daily helps to manage anxiety, enhance critical thinking skills in children. We all know that in the twenty-first century, children have lost their habits of moving out of the house or playing games, both of which are beneficial to the brain. Children are only addicted to mobile games or social media apps, which causes anxiety, depression, and loneliness in children. Nowadays, most children know how to sign up for a Facebook/Instagram account, yet they are clueless about chess and its tactics. It's good if children think out of their phones and learn chess from the great chess tutors to enhance their reasoning and logical thinking skills.  

    The main question arises, where can they learn to play chess? So PiggyRide offers one-to-one chess classes for your little champs. You cannot learn chess via YouTube; instead, you must study it from the top-class tutors who have been playing for years and are familiar with all of the tactics. 
    Our Private chess tutors will teach your child the correct rules of the game as well as a few fundamental strategies such as piece value, attacking and capturing tactics, checkmate rules, basic tactics to count attackers and defenders, mixed tactics, endgame concepts, and more. In live chess classes, masters will help your children prepare for tournaments with the help of their years of experience and techniques. 
    How will this game sharpen your child's brain? It is a game of moving pieces mindfully that helps kids be conscious, enhance their thinking capabilities and intellectual skills that will help them to live a more confident life in this 21st century. 

    Why should you choose our classes? Our Private chess classes will give proper training to your children and reveal their chess secrets, strategies, and tactics to improve their performance in chess. Our chess tutors will make them learn many chess game fundamentals, new hacks, mindful techniques, employ good opening, midgame, endgame strategies, and make your children tournament-ready. 

    Is it the best children's chess class? why?
    PiggyRide's live chess classes are the best for children because they can ask unlimited doubts to the teacher. If you teach your children chess via YouTube, they will never be confident enough to play with others, and they will make blunders that no one will ever fix. 
    With our classes, children can make endless move errors, and they will be corrected and learn something new out of their mistakes. These classes will go beyond simple tactics. It will help build a foundation for continuing your chess career. Our masters will make sure to improve your children's game with their knowledge and experience. They will make chess easy for the students. 

    How can you learn the game fast? 
    This platform will provide your children with an experienced mentor that will help them study the game of their tutors, analyze all other losses, and play competitive chess. It will help children to learn chest fast. Allow your children to learn from the best teachers in the world so that they can learn to defeat just about anyone at this game. Enroll your children in these classes right now to help them enhance their focus, creativity, planning abilities, intelligence, memory, and perspective.