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Acting is an activity in which a story is told by means of its enactment by an actor or actress who adopts a character—in theatre, television, film, radio, or any other medium that makes use of the mimetic mode. The basic skills needed to be a good actor are creativity, good understanding of emotions, scenes, and acting techniques, the ability to memorize lines, the capacity to engage with the audience, and the experience to understand a character, and can be easily learnt from an acting tutor. The different techniques in acting are the Stanislavski Method, Classical Acting Technique, Method Acting Technique, Meisner Technique, Chekhov Technique, Practical Aesthetics Acting Technique, Uta Hagen Technique, and Viola Spolin Technique. Stanislavski Technique stems from his theatre practice and is still used by actors all around the world today. An acting tutor helps in exploring these techniques in details and with finesse. The method is an actor training system made up of various different techniques designed to allow actors to create believable characters and help them to really put themselves in the place of a character. Personality actors, who take their persona with them from role to role, actors that go against their persona, chameleon actors, who can play a variety of unrelated roles, and nonprofessional actors who add verisimilitude to stories. Acting tutor help in understanding these in detail. 
In a play or film, the subtext is the underlying message being conveyed by a piece of dialogue. Overlaying the meaning of the subtext on top of the dialogue gives actors something to do and makes for a more interesting performance. The subtext is the implicit meaning of a text—the underlying message that is not explicitly stated or shown. Subtext gives the reader information about characters, plot, and the story's context as a whole. An acting tutor helps in exploring the meanings of subtexts, and in turn, helps the individual in becoming a better actor. 
Actors also need to focus on their actor voices or theatre voices with assistance from their acting tutor, which means discovering your "money voice", learning how to market and brand yourself, identifying the type of equipment you need to build your studio, learning good recording skills and studio etiquette, learning basic audio editing techniques for a clean sound, creating a practice demo that showcases your skills, learning where and how to book your first jobs and developing a bag full of characters that you can perform as. An acting tutor can easily help in earning these virtues to become a good actor. An acting tutor talks about the voice acting industry and how one can launch a career as a voice actor, and focuses on how to improve your skill.