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Top 5 Parenting Lessons To Learn From Bollywood Movies

The Indian cinema industry has been entertaining all of us for decades. While some movies have made us laugh, others have made us cry. And you all would be surprised to know that each Bollywood movie has an enriching and important message and a lesson to offer. And that is why in this article, we will be sharing the top parenting lessons to learn from Bollywood movies. However, it is okay for parents to make mistakes because no one can be perfect. Moreover, parenting can be overwhelming for any parent and they might even miss the important lessons that they can teach their children. That is why these days our Bollywood industry is stressing movies that can help parents in raising their children efficiently.

To add to this, there are so many sensitive topics and issues that parents cannot talk about to their children easily so these Bollywood movies can play a vital role in helping parents to talk to their kids smartly and wisely. From social issues to spreading awareness about learning problems such as dyslexia, the Bollywood industry has done a commendable job in making kids and parents aware of the issues that are of importance. So, grab your popcorn because we have compiled an extensive list of the Bollywood movies that offer insightful parenting tips.

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Top 5 Parenting Lessons to Learn from Bollywood Movies

1. Taare Zameen Par

Undoubtedly the best Bollywood movie of all time! The movie focuses on the journey of a young dyslexic boy, and it is very heart-touching. The movie has been built on a remarkable, deep-rooted, and rock-solid script that offers an entertaining landscape to the viewers. The story of Taare Zameen Par is inspirational and simple. These are the 2 factors that make this movie a must-watch for parents and kids.

In today’s competitive world, parents have too many expectations from their kids and they want that their kids should achieve certain things by a certain age. However, parents do not realize that everyone cannot be similar and each child is different from the other with respect to their skills and talents. You might have faced a situation where you came across kids who had a problem with the alphabet and we started taking those kids for granted without even realizing that someone can actually face a problem with reading and writing.

A heart-wrenching movie that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. To add to this, Taare Zameen Par has played an important role in creating awareness about dyslexia amongst the masses. In case you have not watched this movie, make sure that you watch it with your kids. You can watch Taare Zameen Par on Netflix.

Parenting Lesson– Every child is different from the other therefore, parents should let their kids learn and grow at their own pace. Parents should only be the guiding light in the learning journey of their children and give them sufficient time to learn at their own will and speed.

Do not expect them to excel in every field. Simply because every child has his/her skills and talent. Their talents should be well-nourished to bring out the best in them.

2. 3 Idiots

Another epic and evergreen Bollywood movie that offers life-changing parenting lessons is 3 Idiots. Well, Aamir Khan has done some phenomenal movies in his career which were not only life-changing but also very valuable. Every parent can easily relate to 3 Idiots because of the message the movie is trying to convey.

The story revolves around our rigid yet strict education system and the pressure that is experienced by the students to pursue their careers in the most over-rated courses which are engineering and medical. For a very long time, our education system has been stressing a lot about marks and learning without proper understanding. And that s not even a hidden reality that most parents want their kids to become either engineers or doctors, without even thinking about their children’s skills and dreams. With all the expectations and pressure, kids cannot handle they end up committing suicide.

And when they pursue a career chosen by their parents, all that they have ahead is a monotonous life, and end up blaming their parents for all their shortcomings. However, the truth is that there is no point in doing something that does not make you happy.

Parenting Lesson- The biggest lesson that this movie teaches us is that marks are not everything Kids should not be pressurised at any cost and they should have the freedom to choose their profession as per their interests and preferences. After all, happy kids will excel in life!

3. Dangal

Another Aamir Khan flick that you cannot miss is Dangal. Make sure that you include Danagl in the list of the parenting lessons to learn from Bollywood movies. The movie is well-supported by a team of exceptionally talented actors who have given mind-blowing performances thereby stressing an important message, Dangal became the most loved movie of all time and is loved by everyone of all ages. One of the important parenting lessons to learn from Bollywood is gender equality.

The movie addresses the issue of gender inequality that is still prevalent in different parts of our country. The film showcases a father who goes against society and trains his daughters so that they can create a new identity for themselves. The struggle of a father, the emotional turmoil, and the father-daughter fights take the movie to the ladder of success.

Parenting Lesson- As parents, you must teach your children about the importance of gender equality. They are the future of our country, and it’s high time for society to change.

4. Iqbal

When it comes to the best parenting movies for parents and kids, Iqbal is the real OG! The movie revolves around a young boy who is 18-year-old and is deaf and mute. However, his shortcomings do not come in the way of his dream to play cricket for the Indian Cricket Team.

Iqbal successfully overcomes all his hurdles to make his dreams come true and he is well-supported by his mother and sister. However, his father keeps underestimating his son and wants Iqbal to help him out in farming. The movie is an excellent example of teaching your kids about the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy family relationships.

Parenting Lesson- For kids to succeed in life, it is important for the parents to keep motivating their little tots. Communicate with your kids and make sure that you carefully listen to whatever they say.

5. Stanley Ka Dabba

Another movie that offers life-changing parenting tips is Stanley Ka Dabba. The movie is a treat for our eyes and it talks about a young orphan boy who hides the secret that his parents are not there. Moreover, he doesn’t carry a tiffin box to school since there is no one to cook food for him.

The story will take you back to your childhood days and the delicious memories associated with your tiffin box. The movie will also make you realize the value that parents can add to the life of a child. It is a known fact that how parents get busy in their own lives and don’t give sufficient time to their kids. And all this can create a negative impact on your child.

Parenting Lesson- An important and worthy lesson that you can derive from this movie is that parents should spend quality time with their kids on a daily basis and communicate with them.

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These are the top 5 Bollywood movies that offer valuable and life-changing lessons. Bollywood continues to inspire us, and also motivate us to grow as responsible parents and adults. These movies are an excellent way to communicate to your kids about everything and make sure that your kids are well-educated. Parenting is one of the most beautiful phases and makes sure that you embrace it with confidence.

These Bollywood movies will help you to reflect on your parenting style and enable you to be a more responsible parent. PiggyRide is the most trusted parenting platform for kids and parents in India. Most of these movies are available on Netflix and you can easily watch them with your kids. You can also check out our blog section and keep yourself updated with all the latest information.

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