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Still using private van for school commute ?

Why PiggyRide is your best bet and you should immediately switch from your private van?

Hey Parents,

The daily school run – it’s a familiar routine for many of us and a part of our daily juggling act. We all want our kids to reach school safely and on time, and for many, that means considering transportation options. While private van might seem like a convenient solution, let’s take a moment to talk about why PiggyRide could be a game-changer for your peace of mind.

1. Trust in the Driver:

You never cared to do background check on them since you know your private van drivers for long. We get it; but trusting your child with a stranger is a big deal. That’s why at PiggyRide, we ensure that our drivers aren’t just steering the wheel; they’re experienced, background-checked individuals with a knack for handling little passengers. We believe in building trust, one ride at a time.

2. The Well-Being of the Wheels:

Ever worry about the condition of the vehicle your child hops into every morning? Vehicle condition of such private van is not upto the mark in most of the cases. PiggyRide takes vehicle maintenance seriously. Our rides are not just a mode of transport; We check and recheck and keep our vehicles in tip-top condition because your child deserves nothing less.

3. Avoiding the Human Error:

In the world of school runs, hiccups can happen. But with PiggyRide’s professional drivers, we cut down on those ‘oops’ moments. Forget about the driver getting lost or taking an unintentional detour. We’re all about efficient routes and punctual pickups and hence all our routes are displayed to our drivers on their mobile phones.

4. The GPS Peace of Mind:

Curious about where your child is during the journey? We get it; we’re parents too. That’s why PiggyRide offers real-time tracking. Pop open the app, and you’ll know exactly where your little one is on the map. It’s like having a magic window into the school bus.

5. Safety Meets Comfort:

PiggyRide vehicles aren’t just rides; they’re like cozy cocoons on wheels. We’ve made sure the seating is comfortable, and there are safety measures in place that go beyond just seat belts. Your child’s journey should be as comfortable as it is secure.

So, here’s the deal – we know the school run is a daily adventure. But let’s not compromise on the safety of our little explorers. PiggyRide is more than a transportation service; it’s your partner in ensuring your child gets to school not just on time but in good spirits too.

Let’s make the daily school run a safe, stress-free ride. Because when it comes to your child, we’re all on the same team.

Ride Safe,

Team PiggyRide

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