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How Art Therapy Can Help Relieve Kids From Stress?

Art therapy is not new. It has been with us for years and helps us deal with stress, anxiety, and issues that burden our thought daily. It is more like a treatment utilizing creative aspects of a person to relieve their stress when they create art. In other words, art therapy is a method to help kids or adults to deal with their emotional challenges openly and to articulate their thoughts by pouring their feeling into an art that they are creating.

A picture with a bunch of paint brushes

Art therapy provides a place where they can express their emotion and process all the things that happened to them to reduce the stress & anxiety they are feeling. Providing kids that place, a safe haven to express their feelings through art therapy will unburden them from the negativity filled in their minds & heart. Art therapy can help relieve kids from stress by improving their physical and mental health. 

Also, art therapy is not limited to coloring only, but it includes a wide range of creative works. Such as drawing, writing stories, dancing, journaling, acting, singing, etc. Art therapy is a medium that helps kids to express what they feel and unstifled their suppressed emotions. Whether we believe it or not, sometimes it becomes hard for kids to express themselves freely or verbally. And that is how art therapy can help relieve kids from stress. It lets them out their hidden feeling and tells the world through their creative work.

Also, art therapies can be used when a kid is going through some significant event in their lives. Such events can be a severe illness, changing city or home, separation from parents or grandparents, bullying or losing someone special, etc. Not only with stress but art therapy also help kids who are struggling with lower self-esteem, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, autism, or ADHD. Art therapy can help relieve kids from stress and make them carefree as a kid should be.

Elements of Art Therapy For Kids:

Art is a stress buster feature used by numerous bygones as well as present artists from time immemorial to relieve any obstacle. Following are some elements kids can use to relieve stress using art therapy:

1) Sculpture

A person is making a sculpture

According to researchers, art therapy help in improving moods and reduce stress in kids to a lot of extents. The creative process of sculpture-making connects kids with their emotions, which eventually authorizes them to communicate their feelings through sculpting. There are numerous classes available online where kids can learn how to start making sculptures within their private space. At the same time, there are group settings available where different people at once make sculptures and share their thoughts & feeling. The group activity works as a charm to improve their communication skills.

2) Doodle or Doodling

A picture of doodles

Doodle or doodling has impressive power to minimize the adverse effects of stress on kids. When a kid doodles, its repetitive and rhythmic motion helps relax the mind and body. Doodling helps not only relieve stress but also in controlling anxiety. When kid doodles, their main focus is the object they are creating, and their mind prioritizes accomplishing it before getting distracted from anything. Also, when kid doodles, they draw random lines, faces, or shapes to ride on the imaginary scenery where they get the chance to work on self-discovery. Doodling works best as an art therapy for kids to relieve stress and anxiety.

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3) Collage Making

A girl is making a collage

Collage making is one of the best art therapies for those kids who prefer to stay lonely, or who don’t have any option but to stay lonely. The best part about collage making is it does not require kids to draw or paint. Instead, it helps in finding inner personality in a fresh light. Collage-making takes kids to an imaginary dimension where they can make things out of items already available at their disposal. Cutting different pictures from magazines, books, or newspapers and then sticking those pictures to make a scene straight out of fantasy. Collage works as wonderful art therapy for kids who stays lonely or have difficulty making new acquaintances. 

4) Art Journaling

A picture depicting art journaling

Art journaling is perhaps the most effective way in art therapy to express emotions. It helps the kids to make their version of visual stories when they are stressed or not ready to face the world just yet. Kids in art journaling can write in their broken words about their thoughts and feelings. The process helps in maintaining and polishing their writing skills. It makes kids more unrestrained and creative. They build a world where they can put words and pictures together to explain a situation in the best way possible. 

5) Painting

A kid is painting on a paper

We all have witnessed from prehistoric times how famous painters painted their finest pieces when they were at their worst. Though it never was the case, people do look after therapeutic yet creative ways to relieve stress. Painting is an influential element in stress reduction, and that is why most of the time we see our kids painting their hearts out. Painting helps in expressing emotions in a better way, displaying the internal agony with ease. Painting is possibly one of the most effective options available in art therapy that can help kids relieve stress. 

6) Mandala Art

A person is making mandala art

Mandala, which means “circle” or “completion” in Sanskrit has a history of defining spiritual standards and representing its entirety. Mandala as an art therapy directly works with stress buster for the soul, and that is why it has specific importance in Buddhists, Hinduism, and Tibetans. The nature of the mandala is symbolic and therapeutic in itself. The colors and shapes kids used while making mandala reflects their inner self. Mandala creation is a soul healing process. It inspires the creator and guides throughout the procedure. Mandala art therapy can help relieve kids from stress in no time.

Final Verdict

Each art therapy works differently from person to person. One art therapy might work on one kid but will not work with another kid. It would be better to let the kid choose whatever elements they are comfortable in. Besides, choosing one art therapy and working on it is not a final product, instead, it’s a journey of self-discovery and healing from stress.

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