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7 Super Easy Yoga For Concentration & Stress-Relief In Kids

Is your child always soaked in stress because of academic pressure? Are they getting anxious and losing focus? So, uncover the best yoga for concentration and stress relief. 

yoga for concentration

In a world where technology seems to be triumphing, it can be tough for kids to focus on anything other than their phones and laptops. But there are plenty of ways to keep kids occupied and engage with them mentally and physically without screens. One great way to do this is by incorporating yoga into their daily routine and practicing kid-friendly yoga for concentration. 

Moreover, practicing yoga for concentration is also a great way to help kids focus and relax. It can help them improve their mental focus, and it can also help them to de-stress. Yoga can also be a great way to help kids build strength and flexibility. By incorporating yoga into their daily routine, kids can reap many benefits. 

Yoga is the answer to all stress, lost focus, concentration, anxiousness, or any health ailments. Yoga for stress relief, breathing exercises, and meditation calm a child’s mind chatter and hyperactivity. 

It brings the consciousness back to the body, which increases their concentration and focuses on all other aspects of life. It’s one of the best activities which align the mind, body, and soul. Yoga for concentration makes kids more mindful and aware. They become more patient, disciplined, calm, and aware of themselves and their surroundings as well.

 7 Super Easy Yoga For Concentration & Stress-Relief Poses For Kids

1) Corpse Pose ( Shavasana ) 

Corpse Pose ( Shavasana )

Shavasana is one of the best yoga for concentration. It helps to relax the stressed body and mind. Moreover, Shavasana is also an easy pose for kids. It’s a calming posture in which kids have to lie on their back. However, it’s the ending yoga pose, but Shavasana is one of the best yoga for stress relief. 

How To Perform?

1) Lie flat on the back with your arms at the side. 

2) The arms must be positioned at least six inches away from the body.

3) Close your eyes and relax.

4) Face your palms upward. 

5) Breathe normally. Exhale slowly and gently as you relax your body.


A child should do this pose for up to 20 breaths which will hardly take 10-15 minutes. 

Benefits Of Shavasana

1) It’s the best yoga for stress relief. 

2) Improves concentration & focus. 

3) Encourages creativity. 

4) Reduces Anxiety. 

5) Relaxes the agitated mind. 

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2) Tree pose ( Vrikshasana ) 

Tree pose ( Vrikshasana )

Tree pose ( Vrikshasana ) is one of the second best forms of yoga for concentration. It’s one of the standing poses used in hatha yoga to keep the body and mind in general equilibrium. The Vrikshasana showcases how a tree stands with grace with its firm roots. Likewise, this tree pose improves the balance of the physical, emotional, and mental roots in humans. Moreover, the tree pose is also one of the easier forms of yoga for stress relief. 

How To Perform?

1) Keep your hands at your sides and stand straight.

2) Now, put all your body weight on one foot. 

3) Lift the other foot. Keep it near your upper thighs with your knee out. 

4) Find your balance and comfort. 

5) The arms should be raised and pressed together over the head.

6) Look constantly at a distant place while inhaling and exhaling. 


Do it for 1 minute on both legs. 

Benefits Of Tree pose ( Vrikshasana )

1) Improves balance.

2) It’s one of the great types of yoga for concentration. 

3) Relieves stress. 

4) Encourages patience. 

5) Strengthens the legs & core. 

3) Cobra Pose ( Bhujangasana ) 

Cobra Pose ( Bhujangasana )

Cobra pose ( Bhujangasana ) is one of the third best yoga poses for stress relief. It opens the chest and strengthens the spine. Moreover, the cobra pose is a back bending which is also a part of sun salutations. 

How To Perform?

1) Lie down flat on your stomach. 

2) Place your palms on either side of the torso. 

3) Keep your feet flat on the ground.

4) Bring your hands under the shoulders. 

5) Now, lift the body with the chin up. 


Perform Cobra Pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

Benefits Of Cobra Pose ( Bhujangasana )

1) Great yoga for stress relief

2) Improves posture

3) Relieves back pain

4) Enhances creativity

5) Increases chest and arm muscle. 

6) It’s also a good pose for concentration. 

5) Sitting Pose ( Sukhasana )

Sitting Pose ( Sukhasana )

Sukhasana is one of the easiest forms of yoga for concentration for kids. Kids just need to sit crossed-legged while bringing their energy back to their body and its parts. It brings focus, patience, and balance. 

How To Perform?

1) With your back straight, sit down on the ground. 

2) Align your spine, neck, and head.

3) Cross your legs now with your knees pointing down.

4) Put your palms on your knees facing up the roof or sky. 

5) Eyes should be closed and take deep breaths. 


You can do Sukhasana for 15-20 minutes. 

Benefits Of Sitting Pose ( Sukhasana )

1) Enhances Concentration. 

2) One of the best yoga for stress relief. 

3) Encourage creativity 

4) Reduces anxiety

5) Improves posture of the body

6) Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana )

yoga pose for concentration

The lunge position required for the warrior pose ( Virabhadrasana ) is essential for strengthening, flexibility, concentration, and balance. It’s also one of the best yoga for stress relief. Additionally, the warrior position aids in focusing one’s inner strength. Finally, it promotes discipline, tenacity, and mental focus.

How To Perform?

1) Stand in the lunging position. The front leg is arched at a 90° angle.

2) The back foot should be brought forward and kept flat on the ground at a 45° angle.

3) Now, square your hips and raise your arms to the heavens.

4) Inhale and exhale. 


You can perform this yoga pose for 1-5 minutes. 

 Benefits Of Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana )

1) Increases mental focus & discipline

2) Improves creativity

3) Great yoga for stress relief and anxiety

4) Improves balance & posture

5) Builds concentration

7) Child’s Pose ( Balasana ) 

Child's Pose ( Balasana )

Did you know that a child’s stance represents a fetus in the mother’s womb? It is the only location where a child can be relaxed and comfortable. Balasana is therefore a fantastic yoga pose for stress relief. 

How To Perform?

1) Firstly, sit on your knees

2) Now you can rest your arms behind and lock your hands near your feet.

3) Stretch your body and head forward, and rest your head on the floor. 


You can do a child’s pose for 5 minutes. 

Benefits Of Child’s Pose ( Balasana ) 

1) Releases stress

2) Relaxes the spine

3) Improves gut health

4) Reduces anxiety

5) Keeps hips and core strong 

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Final Words 

Yoga can help kids center themselves and clear their minds. It can also help them to relax and reduce stress. Yoga can improve focus and concentration, which can help you to stay on task and get more done. In a world where everything’s so fast, and technology is advancing, kids forget the true meaning of life. Kids get distracted during studies easily. So, practicing yoga for concentration is a must for kids. Moreover, all 7 yoga poses which are mentioned above are super kid-friendly. Moreover, if you’re looking for online yoga classes, online Zumba classes, or online dance classes, Check out PiggyRide. It’s a leading platform that provides online classes for kids from certified and professional tutors. 

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