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Explore the Mystical World Of Painting Classes in Bangalore

Get ready to explore the creative world of painting classes in Bangalore for kids. No matter what, painting is one of the most popular and favorite school activities. It is one of the most creative ways to express yourself and your hidden emotions. And today, the art is not only limited to drawing on plain paper, but it has covered various other important aspects such as colorful strokes, painting by airbrushes, and whatnot. All this has helped children to explore their creative sides beautifully.

Apart from formal school-based education, it is very important to enroll your child in extracurricular activities as it will help them in strengthening their cognitive skills and creativity. We have curated a list of some of the popular painting classes in Bangalore for your kids, that will help them in exploring their creative side. But before we jump to the top classes, let’s take a look at the reasons why you must enroll your kids in painting classes.

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Reasons to Enroll Your Kids in the Painting Classes

a) A Great Exercise for Your Kid’s Brain

Over a while, it has been observed that creative activities such as painting, make your child more creative and analytical in approach. While painting, the kids use a different part of the brain when compared to reading or solving math problems. However, the right side of the brain is the most creative section and is responsible for visual skills and understanding what we observe through our eyes. Therefore, creative activities such as painting will play an important role in developing the right side of your child’s brain.

b) It Relieves Stress

Well, not only painting but any type of creative activity plays a key role in relieving stress and tension. And just like adults, even kids can get stressed. So, to tackle this problem efficiently painting can come to your immediate rescue. By painting on plain and blank paper, your kids can de-stress and healthily express their feelings.

c) Helps in Developing Muscle Control

The painting also helps in the development of fine motor skills and that is pretty much evident by how your child picks up a brush or other small tools. Similarly, while working on canvases and large sheets of paper, they will be able to develop their gross motor skills. The painting also helps in developing proper coordination between the hand and the eye.

d) Aids in the Development of Verbal Language

Whenever your child paints something they are always eager to show it to everyone. So, rather than guessing what they have painted, you can simply ask them what they have painted. Indulge your child in an open-ended conversation as all this will help them stretch and they will be able to work on their thinking and verbal skills accordingly.

e) Builds Positive Self-Confidence

Once your child has completed their masterpiece, they will take pride in their work and will show off to everyone with grace and confidence. What might look like a scribble to you, may look like a masterpiece to your kids. So, praise them for their efforts and make sure that you don’t forget to appreciate their time and hard work.

Best Painting Classes in Bangalore

These are the top 5 reasons stating the need for you to enroll your kids in some of the best painting classes in Bangalore. Now let’s delve into the colorful world of painting and take a look at some of the best painting classes for your kids in Bangalore.

1. The Spinning Wheel, Bellandur

When talking about the best painting classes in Bangalore, The Spinning Wheel in Bellandur makes it to the top of our list. One factor that makes the Spinning Wheel the best option for kids is that it is not only restricted to painting and art.

The Spinning Wheel holds a firm reputation for conducting various types of workshops revolving around other elements of art and craft such as basket weaving, mask making, mosaic painting, wood texturing, and a lot more. So if your child is interested in exploring the different aspects of art, the Spinning Wheel will be worth your time and money.

2. Colour Palette Art Institute, Indiranagar

painting classes in Bangalore

As the name suggests, these painting classes are very colorful and lively. They offer comprehensive painting lessons to children from 4 years onwards. Moreover, Colour Palette Art Institute has not restricted itself to only painting. To make art lessons interesting for your budding artists, the Colour Palette Art Institute offers elementary drawing classes, various hobby courses, and handwriting improvement classes for your children.

3. Kenfortes Art School, JP Nagar

painting classes in Bangalore

Another popular art school in Bangalore is the Kenfortes Art School. Kenfortes Art School is well known for conducting some of the best and finest painting classes in Bangalore for children who are interested in pursuing a career in art and painting. The art school also conducts different art short art courses which consist of intensive drawing, sketching, painting, doodling, zentangles, and a lot more.

The art school also offers regular and professional art classes that are specially designed for kids planning to pursue art professionally. To recognize the hard work of students, Kenfortes Art School also conducts art exhibitions to honor students periodically.

4. Bangalore Lalit Kala Kshetra, Bellandur

painting classes in Bangalore

Sketching and painting not only help in brain development but also plays a great role in nurturing the overall growth of the young mind. Bangalore Lalit Kala Kshetra makes use of different techniques that will help kids to learn the basics of drawing and shading with ease. Your kids will be trained under the guidance of experienced and well-qualified teachers who will make them a pro in art.

Your kids will be trained on the various aspects of art and painting such as charcoal painting, acrylic painting, crayons painting, oil painting, water painting, and a lot more. Let your little artists come together and create some beautiful magic out of colors.

5. Art-O-Pedia, Domlur

painting classes in Bangalore

Art-O-Pedia will take your kids on a colorful journey and will enable them to explore the different aspects and techniques of painting. It offers the best painting classes in Bangalore and will also focus on the importance of color theory. Your kids will learn about all the important concepts of painting. Everything will be explained to them in-depth right from plain paper, how to draw, break objects, fill details, and then different coloring techniques. Art-O-Pedia offers some cool and comprehensive programs covering different sections on painting such as acrylic painting, clay modeling, bead craft, Madhubani painting, and a lot more.

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Final Thoughts

Painting is one of the most beautiful and creative ways of expressing your thoughts and emotions. These are our top 5 recommendations for the best painting classes in Bangalore. At PiggyRide we offer some of the finest online painting classes for kids. All the painting classes are conducted under the guidance and supervision of experienced teachers who will make your kids a pro in painting. Don’t wait any longer! Take out your brushes and colors and let the colorful journey of your kids begin with PiggyRide.

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