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Drawing Tips for Kids – Age Group Based

Are you looking for any drawing tips for kids, so that they can make good use of time ?

Well, drawing is the stepping stone to the creativity. Teaching your kid how to draw can be their first step towards inculcating art into them. There are researches that have proved that the kids that who does artwork have an all-rounded brain development. Apart from this, art & drawing gives them opportunity to express their thoughts, imaginations, enhances motor skills, builds coordination and much more. So, you can let your kids start drawing anytime they can hold pencil & draw their first scribble.

drawing tips for kids

Making your kid to pick any activity, its highly recommended not to force them to do it, but trying to arouse their interest in the same. As you teach your child how to draw, you need to give them space and the right tools to explore art in a better way. If kids are curious, they try their best to explore, learn & execute. The trick is to keep them engaged with the activity for a good number of days/weeks so that it can have positive impact on them. Remember, not to over burden your kid, you can initiate the learning process/duration according to their age group.

Here are some quick drawing tips for kids based on the age group –

Preschoolers (2 – 5 Years Old)

Teaching pre-schoolers anything is a challenge, and the same goes for drawing. It is steadily process & aim here is to encourage the child to explore whatever he/she wants for kick-starting it. Few Quick Tips –

#  Pick up colors & do it in front of them, remember they always try to imitate. So, they will try the same.

#  Make sure if you are giving them water colors, you are all set with mats & their outfits ready. Please don’t stop them in the name of dirty floors/messy room/outfit.

#  Do not limit your child to only drawing tools. Let them try finger painting, leaf painting etc.

# Ask them to draw as per their imagination & then ask questions.

#  Appreciate & Showcase their drawings to encourage them.

drawing tips for kids

School-aged child (5 – 9 Years Old)

This age kids, usually can learn with guidance & is no more a challenge. They can start & learn to observe things and draw accordingly. My kid is turning 5 this July & I can see she’s observing and drawing already, recently she made a card for me which depict her imagination in a beautiful manner. Few Quick Tips-

# Don’t just give them drawing books to draw, give them objects, a cup, a toy etc. It will be fun & interesting for them. The final outcome will surely make you smile.

# Sometimes ask them to draw anything with their imagination, my daughter says let me draw – mummy in the kitchen today, mummy at work etc. Not only it helps them to expand their art but also makes it look adorable.

# At this age, encourage the use of one medium at a time and if you find them going well, you can enroll them in online art classes.

drawing tips for kids

Preteens (9 -12 Years Old)

Well, the age when your kid can grasp ideas & do wonderful things out with it. Here probably they will do it if they are inclined towards it, otherwise it may be a bit difficult to make them do it. Few quick tips –

# As your child is grown up, and knows what is awesome & what is not, so end results may discourage them, but you need to remind them how practicing can help them to attain perfect results.

# Take him to museums and art exhibitions (Post COVID-19 Times, Hope it comes soon!) and encourage them to develop interest in art.

# Arrange art competitions on weekends with friends, family extended family etc (Again Post COVID-19). For now, you can organize it online.

# Last try to develop and upgrade their art skills with professional artist via online art classes.

drawing tips for kids

Teenagers (13 – 18 Years Old)

Well, does this age group needs tips? Anyway, encourage them for taking up and exploring such skills- may be just for the sake of hobby or building their career with it.

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Take Away

Art is not easy, needs efforts, dedication, encouragement & guidance. If your kid does not feel encouraged, he/she might begin to lose interest in the activity. Make sure you be a source of motivation to them and leverage the best out of the drawing tips for kids from this blog. All the kids are different & can learn in different ways. 

Don’t rush & don’t force it on them. Give them time & right tools. Also have you tried checking art classes for kids on PiggyRide?

If not, check it right away & let the creativity of your kid begin!!

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