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10 Smart Parenting Hacks To Ease Your Parenting Journey

Parenting is one of the biggest and sweet challenges that life throws at young parents. It is a full-time career that begins in life without any training or experience. In this article, you will get to know about the parenting hacks to make your parenting journey easier. 

parenting hacks

There are endless debates when it comes to parenting; what’s best and what works for one family may not work for another. There are various parenting styles and hacks, and sometimes it can feel like you’re just winging it. But that’s the beauty of parenting – you never know what will happen next, and you have to be prepared for anything!

Every parent has their way of parenting. Some parents let their children do whatever they want, while others are much more strict. Furthermore, some parents believe in punishments, and others don’t. And then some parents are very hands-on with smart parenting hacks. Moreover, parenting is more about the endless hit and trial strategies. 

As parents, sometimes it gets frustrating for you to handle the parenting stress, and it gets more challenging if you have a narcissistic partner. But we have come up with the best and unique parenting hacks to help you and your kids be happy. 

10 Smart Parenting Hacks 

1. Hack To Keep Kids Busy

best parenting hacks

It is one of the smart parenting hacks for keeping your children occupied or interested for a while so that you can finish up any unfinished business or activities. Engaging children in a task that needs focus, concentration, and fun with rewards is one of the best parenting tricks.

If you have two children, you might assign them a chore that will instill a sense of competitiveness. One of the Instagram viral videos depicts a mother leaving her children with a father to conduct errands as the father slept on the couch and asked the children to draw him exactly as he slept off. To create the best drawing, he also instructed the students to pay attention to the minute details.

However, the father promised the children a reward for the best drawing. The children created a picture of their father while remaining silent. This is merely one instance where something succeeded; you can attempt other activities with your kids which are creative, fun, and involve giving rewards. 

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2. Parenting Hacks For Liquid Medicines 

hacks to give medicine to kids

One of the difficult challenges is getting kids to have liquid medications. When you approach a child with a bottle of liquid medicine, they immediately flee and won’t even touch it. So here’s one of the great parenting tricks that can help you avoid time-consuming meltdowns and toddler tantrums. Purchase a small juice pack, then extract the juice. You can now cut at the back with a knife and scissors of the juice pack and put a medicine cup directly with the liquid medication inside the juice pack. Now ask your children to drink after inserting the pipe into the pack. After they notice the taste, make sure to keep the juice on hand. 

3. Parenting Tricks For Loud Toys


Because of your child’s loud toys, are you more worn out and irritated? Because they are so captivated with their toys, children occasionally won’t put them down and play with them repeatedly. Although they love the voice, enduring it for extended periods becomes uncomfortable for the entire house. In addition, because youngsters enjoy playing with them, you can’t stop them from being loud. So, here’s an intelligent parenting life hack where you can stick tape on the speakers of the toys to lower the volume.  To be safe, you can also open the toy internally if it’s possible, and put a tape there instead of on the speakers. The sound will be attenuated and bearable. 

4. Promising Rewards & Outing To Complete The Work

smart parenting hacks

Make sure to reward your child after they complete a task or make a promise of a trip to their favorite park or location if you want them to complete particular duties. When you make a promise to a child, they always perform better or complete their tasks on time. Ask them to tidy their room or finish their homework in exchange for their preferred chocolate, a trip to their preferred park for riding on swings, the purchase of their preferred stationery supplies, or other rewards. So, rewards are one of the best parenting hacks and tricks. 

5. Build Bonding With Kids 

quality time with kids

Make time for bonding with your children. Spending time together as a family is essential for a happy and healthy child. Furthermore, try to make time for activities like playing games, going for walks, or just sitting down and talking. It will help foster a close relationship with you and make them share things and listen to you. So, it’s important to spend some quality time with your kids. It’s one of the best and smart parenting hacks which make them emotionally and mentally strong. 

6. Give Them Choices

kids choices

Providing kids with proper choices and not taking their decisions is one of the smart parenting hacks to make them independent. When children are given choices they are more likely to make good decisions, according to a study published in the journal Child Development. The study found that when kids are given a range of options, they are more likely to choose the option that is best for them. This can lead to them making better decisions in their lives, both academically and professionally.

Giving kids options can help them to problem solve and make better choices. For example, if your child wants to buy a toy, give them the option of selecting from a variety of toys, such as trucks, dolls, cars, or action figures. If they are passionate about learning something, let them make their choices. Let them make decisions such as if they want to learn dance, coding, singing, get them enrolled in online dancing classes, online coding classes, or more. 

7. YouTube Dance Videos Are The Rescue

kids dancing in front of Television

If you’re scared of your child’s screen time, here’s one of the best parenting hacks. Modern children are glued to screens, which raises concerns about several health problems, including obesity and vision problems. It is tiresome to ask children to avoid video game addiction or overall screen time. To meet all of their exercise needs, reduce their screen time, and keep them entertained, you can play YouTube dance videos and their favorite tunes on your television. Additionally, it can give you enough time to do your responsibilities on time while the kids are busy playing and dancing.

8. Activity Bags For Travel

travel hack for kids

Does your child give you a challenging time while traveling? If so, we have a great travel hack for you. Make a mini travel kit where you can put all their activity books, coloring books, story books, slate, and crayons. Such things will keep them distracted and busy in creative activities while traveling for long hours. Make sure always to keep that bag in the car. 

9. Praise Your Kids

praise your kids

Use positive reinforcement to help your child learn. When you can reinforce good behavior, your child will be more likely to repeat the behavior. This can be done by praising your child when they do something you want them to do. Praising kids has good effects on a child’s brain and they’re willing to do better. 

10. Set A Good Example

read with kids

One of the most effective parenting hacks is to set a good example in front of your kids. If your children see you behaving inappropriately, they are likely to follow you. Make certain that you are setting a good example for how to behave at home.  Furthermore, children frequently imitate their parents. So, if you want to instill good habits in your children, model them for them. If you want them to read books instead of using their phones, you should do the same. Read books with your children, avoid using phones before going to bed, and leave your plates in the kitchen after eating. Your children will eventually follow you.

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Parenting hacks can be an excellent resource in assisting children to learn and grow. When you can use parenting hacks in a way that works for you and your child, you can create a home environment that is conducive to learning and development. These 10 parenting hacks will make your life easier and happy. Moreover, if you want to read more such blogs related to parenting, visit PiggyRide. We aim to ease your parenting journey with tips and suggestions. Moreover, if you’re looking for skill-based online classes, check out our online classes for kids such as online martial arts classes, online music classes, online health and fitness classes, and more. Furthermore, if you find any of these parenting hacks useful, do tell us in the comment below. 

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Great tips. Many thanks to you. Parenting is a long and challenging journey. No one said we must teach this and that because each family has its own scene. But I believe your tips will make my parenting easier and more effective. I find tip #2 very interesting. It’s a simple but effective way. I will apply this method and I want to share one of my tips is to get kids to eat healthy with a healthy snack platter hack.