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10 Important Holi Safety Tips For Kids

Splashing water, playing with colors, savoring delicious gujiyas, and meeting friends and family. Holi is all about fun and spending a memorable time with your loved ones. But do you know that the Holi fun can be short-lived for your kids? There have been many instances in the past where little kids lost their hearing abilities due to the sudden splash of water on their ears. Perhaps, to avoid such incidents, parents and elders need to follow important Holi safety tips for kids to keep their safe and secure.

kids with gulaal on faces

In this article, we will talk about the essential Holi safety tips for kids that will protect them against all the possible accidents and you’ll be able to enjoy the festival of colors with fun and excitement.

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Important Holi Safety Tips For Kids

1. Use Natural and Herbal Colors

pot full of herbal colors

We all know that kids have sensitive skin. So, make sure that you play Holi with natural and herbal colors. Avoid using harsh and chemical colors. Harsh colors can lead to serious damage to the skin. So, make sure that you give them natural colors made at home to play Holi. Natural colors will not be harsh on your kid’s skin and it will be easy to take them off.

You can watch YouTube tutorials on how to make natural colors at home and use various ingredients like sandalwood powder, turmeric, henna, or even flowers like marigold, and yellow chrysanthemums. The major benefit of using these ingredients is that they will not cause any skin irritation and can be removed easily.

2. Apply a Good Layer of Oil or Cream

mother applying oil on her daughter's hair

It is an important safety tip that you must take into consideration. Before your child steps out to play Holi make sure that you either apply a good layer of coconut oil or cream all over their body and face. This will help them to remove color easily. You can even apply mustard oil.

3. Avoid Water Balloons

people holding water balloons

It is extremely important to educate your child about the harmful effects of playing with water balloons. Though playing with water balloons is fun, if thrown at a person with force, especially at children, it can cause serious injuries to eyes, ears, and skin. Make sure that you create awareness and educate your kids about the harmful effects of using and playing with water balloons. Rather encourage them to play Holi with a simple pichkari.

4. Get Your Kids a Pair of Good Sunglasses

girl wearing sunglasses

The face is one of the most exposed parts of the body and it is a great risk especially when you are out there playing Holi with your friends and family. Just like your skin, even eye protection during Holi is of utmost importance. So, another important Holi safety tip for kids is regarding eyes protection. Make your kids wear colorful and funky sunglasses that will not only protect their eyes but also make them look cool and paparazzi ready.

5. Choose Right Clothing

girl playing holi

The best way to protect your kids against possible injuries during Holi is by making them wear full-sleeve T-shirts and pajamas. This will keep them safe and their skin will not be exposed to harmful colors.

6. Educate Your Kids on Water Management

girl throwing colors

With celebrations and fun also comes the moral responsibility of parents to make their kids aware of proper water management. Ensure that your kids don’t aim with water guns directly on people’s faces. Also, teach that it is okay if someone is not playing Holi. They should respect people’s views and not force them to play Holi. And don’t forget to tell your kids to avoid water wastage. Motivate them to play Holi with little water and lots of gulaal.

7. Be Ready for all Sorts of Medical Emergencies

first-aid box

This is again one of the important Holi tips for kids that you cannot avoid. Make sure that you are prepared for all types of emergencies during Holi. Keep the contact number of your child’s pediatrician on the speed dial. You never know when can a need arises for rushing your child to the doctor. Also, keep a first-aid kit handy with Dettol, cotton, bandage, Soframycin, and pain killers in place. These steps will prepare you better for all the unforeseen medical emergencies that you can encounter on Holi.

8. Keep Your Kids Hydrated

boy drinking water

As summers have already set in, make sure that you make your kids drink lots of water to keep them hydrated. If possible, make them drink coconut water as it will help in maintaining the Ph level of the body.

9. Tie Their Hair Properly

girls playing holi

Just like their skin and body, even hair care is very important. So, make sure that before your child steps out for playing Holi their hair is perfectly tied. The hair should be tied in a manner that the colors should not drip into their eyes. You must apply lots of coconut oil and mustard oil on their hair to prevent the gulaal from reaching the deep roots of their hair.

10. Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Holi celebration with family

Monitoring your child and keeping an eye on them and their activities is important to avoid any kind of accident. Though they may resent your decision, tell them that you love them and it is for their good that you are watching them play.

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Final Words

These are the 10 vital Holi safety tips for kids that will keep them safe and happy amid the ongoing festivities. Remember that Holi is a colorful festival and an excellent time to have fun and enjoy yourself with friends and family. So, make sure that you follow all the necessary safety protocols without compromising on the fun. In the upcoming Holi week, PiggyRide is coming up with a bag full of surprises to amp up your festive mood. Right from Holi-themed workshops to irresistible discounts on our online courses, we have taken all the initiatives to make your Holi a grand experience. Let your lives be filled with the warmth of colors, healthy life, and wonderful memories!
Wishing everyone a very Happy Holi!

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