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Maharashtra is known for its Warli folk paintings. Warli is the vivid expression of daily and social events of the Warli tribe of Maharashtra, used by them to embellish the walls of village houses. This was the only means of transmitting folklore to a populace not acquainted with the written word. Warli paintings were mainly done by the women folk. The most important aspect of the painting is that it does not depict mythological characters or images of deities, but depict social life. Pictures of human beings and animals, along with scenes from daily life are created in a loose rhythmic pattern.
The Warli art has a special characteristic of representing the humble life of the Warli tribe. The trademark of Warli paintings is the use of geometric designs such as triangles, circles, squares, dots and crooked lines are used to depict human figures, animal figures, houses, crops etc. Typically Warlis paintings are simply painted on mud, charcoal and cow dung treated surfaces with rice paste for white colour. These paintings do not show pictures of gods and goddesses but show social life. 
Learning this artform helps kids understand social structures and society better through culture and tradition. This art also boosts creative thinking and expression. It is used widely for painting and for design even today. Kids can easily relate to simple geometrical figures that warli art consists of. One of the great ways to teach kids about Lines, Shapes, dots and circles. It's very easy to get the attention of kids with vibrant colors and simple warli art. Warli Art uses basic materials for painting like rice paste with water and gum for the white paint and a bamboo stick that has been chewed on that serves as a brush. There’s something about these paintings that take us back to the time, setting and sentiment behind the art — it appeals to kids and adults equally. Today, the Warli art form is not only popular in metros like Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, but internationally as well.