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It can be difficult to determine which new foreign language to study at times. Children are expected to learn French, German, Spanish, or Japanese in school. Even parents want their children to study the languages listed above. Why not choose to learn the Urdu language online

It's the first spoken language of Pakistan, and it is respected and liked for its grace and humility. The legendary poets like Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmed Faraz, Muhammad Iqbal, and Gulzar helped us fall in love with this language. It's a divine language that has the power to evoke human feelings, emotions and reach our souls. Many young poets were influenced by Urdu poetry. 

The Urdu language started developing in North India in about the 12th century. It was influenced by a variety of languages, including Arabic, Hindi, and Persian, as well as Punjabi, Turkish, and Sanskrit. Many basic phrases in Urdu and Hindi are similar, and roughly 40% of Urdu words are derived from Persian and Arabic. In today's Urdu, 43 words are taken from Sanskrit. You will be exposed to a range of other languages and may be able to understand words from different languages if you study this language. Around 160 million people speak it, making it the world's 20th most spoken language. It is widely referred to as the world's most advanced language and the language of poets and shayars.

According to a study, Urdu is the Indian subcontinent's most underestimated language. Reading Urdu activates the front region of the brain, which helps to increase decision-making capacity and tends to sharpen analytical skills. It is considered one of the most courteous languages, and if your children learn it, they may begin to instill numerous humble values and begin speaking with etiquette.

If your children learn the honey-dip language, they will become interested in literature, poetry, and many ghazals from renowned Urdu poet's expressions and aesthetic emotions. Urdu ghazals and songs have the most beautiful meanings, and if someone learns the language, it will help them enrich their creative abilities, cultural boundaries, and intellectual abilities. 
It will also enable students to develop analytical skills, which will increase their confidence in travelling for business or pleasure.
Children can learn to communicate with millions of Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi speakers. 
PiggyRide provides a wonderful opportunity for children to dive into the world of intellectual culture through this language. They will learn to read, speak, and pronounce Urdu words and sentences, connecting the alphabets to make sentences, basic vocabulary, essential words, and phrases. 
Children will enjoy learning the Urdu language online because in the future they will be able to speak and communicate, understand various ghazals with deep meanings, learn to dip into deep literature, and understand the meanings of poetry and songs.

PiggyRide allows your youngsters to understand the different quotations, words, and melodies of famous Fateh Ali Khan, as well as Gulzar's poetry, without the need for a translator.