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Online Tabla Lessons - Master the Art of Playing Tabla with our Classes

Online tabla lessons can provide a healing and therapeutic experience to kids when they will learn the technique of hitting their little fingers and palm on the drums. Our beginners to advanced classes teach kids how to master the art of playing the Tabla. The set of two drums is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. It's a melodious and subtle percussion instrument. It provides a unique playing experience as each drum has two layers of goatskin stretched over its top. The Tabla is a unique instrument because the top of the drum head is covered in an iron and rice paste to provide a louder and better sound. Our platform offers customized tabla lessons online for kids. The sessions are given by professional and certified music artists. In the online classes, kids will learn how to play Bols or syllables on two drums. The exercises will help students understand different Bols (also known as Theka), finger movements, wrist exercises, and much more. With the detailed guidance of the trainer, kids will understand A-Z about the basics of the instrument.

Also, parents often wonder what's the correct age to introduce their children to their first Tabla lessons? Any musical instrument, including the Tabla, can be learned at any age. The first tabla classes can be given to a child as young as three years old.

           Benefits of Tabla-Playing Lessons


  1. Online Tabla Classes are an excellent way to assist children in their scholastic development. Playing Tabla requires tremendous discipline, and it also increases concentration, focus. 
  2. According to scientific studies, learning to play the tabla or other instruments aids in the development of parts of the brain such as the auditory cortexes and corpus callosum. Overall, it helps to improve brain capabilities, cognitive skills, and much more.
  3. Body awareness and kinesthetic development are improved by playing Tabla Taals. It promotes smooth coordination and self-control in kids.  It also aids in the improvement of the body, brain, and other sense synchronization.
  4. Listening and practicing Indian Classical Music calms the mind and has a meditative impact on the entire body. It will release the suppressed academic tension and anxiety that has been trapped in the child's body. Music has a calming and relaxing effect on the mind.
  5. The activity improves kinesthetic development and boosts body awareness. Tabla lessons can assist a growing child gain self-control, graceful coordination, and a stronger sense of music and beats.


          What's So Special About Our Online Tabla Classes?

  1. Verified & Certified Tutors.
  2. Beginners to Advance Tabla Lessons.
  3. Unique Curriculum Curated Especially for Kids.
  4. Hassle-free Enrollment.
  5. Comfortable Schedules.
  6. 1:1 Classes.
  7. Easy to Follow Demonstrations.


Children have an intrinsic aptitude to pick up new skills, such as languages, musical instruments, and dancing routines.  Our online tabla lessons are interactive and kid-friendly, with each session tailored to the interests of the students. We understand that the ideal classes are ones that your child enjoys and appreciates. Learning Tabla online will be a lot of fun since it allows your child to meet more like-minded people, form stronger relationships, and form more meaningful bonds.

Tabla instrumental music boosts a child's capacity to concentrate for extended periods while also improving their listening and communication skills. You may take tabla classes and practice lessons from the best in the industry on our platform.  Allow your child to explore all of the Tabla notes in the comfort of their own home. Get your child started on the Tabla with an online beginners course now. Hurry up & Enroll Now!