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Synthesizer Classes Online

A synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals. Synthesizers generate audio through methods including subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, and frequency modulation synthesis. The keyboard itself is the actual instrument, whereas a synthesizer by itself is not actually an instrument. Keyboards look like an acoustic piano with their black and white keys but have a different source for the sound. They also make great beginner instruments, especially for children. Unlike a MIDI controller, synthesizers are able to produce their own unique sounds and do not rely on an external interface or software in order to create music. They usually include their own internal speakers and are much larger than MIDI keyboards, with less performance features.
Learning how to play the synthesizer has a lot of benefits, such as creativity and self-expression. It also has cognitive benefits. You may have read that being a musician helps keep your brain sharp. This is actually true. It has behavioral & social benefits, complements other areas of learning, and helps in imaginative and creative ideation. 
Studies in neuroscience show that music can enhance brain function in children. Musical activities (such as playing an instrument, singing or just listening to music) stimulate the brain, and this brain workout leads to improved brain structure with the formation of new neural connections. Science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn't otherwise hear. This helps them develop “neurophysiological distinction” between certain sounds that can aid in literacy, which can translate into improved academic results for kids. 
Learning to play an instrument increases motor control, listening, memory (especially of audio information). The benefits extend beyond the activity of playing the piano into your everyday lives. They impact ability to plan, coordination, language skills, attention span and alertness.
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