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Equip your kids with the best Tennis Classes with renowned coaches. Tennis was invented in France and was known as "Jeu de paume" back then. The only difference was that tennis was played with hands instead of tennis rackets, and Victorian gentlemen used to play the sport on grass courts. Then, as time passed, modifications followed, introducing a diversity of surfaces, a new dress code, ball colors, and racket frames. Also, do you know why white has been the clothing code for Tennis since the 1880s? Sweat stains were deemed so inappropriate and unpleasant. So, it was agreed that white should be worn to reduce their exposure, as sweat is more visible on coloured attire. 

Tennis is not a tough sport to learn.' Each player securely grabs a tennis racket to ferociously strike a yellow rubber Tennis ball into the other court. If the ball hits any part of the opponent's body, the person who struck the ball earns a point. The matches are best of 3 sets or best of 5 sets. 

The Royal Tennis Court at Hampton Court Palace in London is still in use today and is the world's oldest tennis court. Tennis can help you get into shape, but it will also engage your brain in ways that other activities will not. It is appropriate for individuals of all ages. Also, did you know that Tennis is also an Olympic event, but it is still accessible to persons who use wheelchairs? Esther Veeger is said to be the greatest wheelchair tennis player in history. Furthermore, it is played all over Australia and in many other parts of the world, making it a worldwide sport. Tennis is a lifetime sport since it is a healthy activity that can be enjoyed from childhood to the golden years. A child who will learn to play this sport will acquire life values like mental toughness, honesty, sportsmanship, and so much more.

 Benefits of Tennis Classes for Kids

  1. Tennis is a great sport for getting healthy, active, strong, and agile. It also has social and psychological benefits for children. Tennis will aid your child in many areas of life by boosting physical strength, flexibility, balance, and fine motor abilities.
  2. Tennis is another name for a fun workout. Playing tennis has many health benefits, including increased aerobic capacity, lowering heart rate and blood pressure at rest, and improving metabolic function, increased bone density, decreased body fat, improved muscle tone, strength and flexibility, and increased reaction time.
  3. Tennis, in addition, is a fantastic physical workout and a low-impact sport. It also improves leadership skills, social skills, and communication abilities.
  4. It is beneficial in reducing academic stress in children, and it is not reliant on strength. You can begin your tennis classes at any age. 
  5. According to University of Illinois experts, Tennis requires awareness, focus, and strategic skills. It may generate new connections between cells in the brain and encourage brain development throughout one's life. It is also an excellent sport for developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


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  1. Verified & Professional Tennis Coaches.
  2. Practical & Effective Approaches.
  3. You will Experience High-Quality Coaching.
  4. One-on-One Coaching.
  5. Proper guidance and strategies.
  6. Latest & Advanced Facilities.
  7. Quality Training & Correct Exposure. 
  8. Coaches will help you improve your mental game & tactics. 
  9. Classes can be tailored to individual skill levels.
  10. Our personalization methods indicate that one-on-one courses, drills, and guidance will help you improve faster than ever before.

PiggyRide provides Personal guidance according to the needs of each student.

So, Enroll your children in these tennis classes so they can learn tried-and-true tactics, acquire mental training, travel to the state, and compete for a championship. Our Tennis Classes will prepare kids to learn fundamental tactics for improving their mental approach and increase their chances of success. Improve your game and maximize your potential with our Basic to Expert level instruction, which is appropriate for all students who have no prior understanding of the sport and want to start their Tennis journey with us. Tennis classes for children can be fun and a good way for them to channel their energy. Allow them to have fun while also introducing them to a new sport. Give your kids a healthy and enriching outlet. 

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