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Padel Sports Coaching 

Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe was the first to bring Padel sports to Spain and constructed two courts at his Marbella Club Hotel. In 1975, Argentine millionaire Julio Menditeguy, a visitor at Marbella, brought the sport to his homeland, where it quickly became a sporting sensation. 

Presently it's especially popular in Spain, Mexico, and Latin American Countries. It's a game played as doubles where opponents play against each other. Padel appears exactly like tennis, but it differs in terms of racket, ball, serves, court dimensions, court surface, and even net height. The most obvious difference is the glass walls that surround the padel court. 

Padel is a fun racket sport that incorporates elements of tennis, squash, and racquetball. A game played in doubles on glass and the mesh-enclosed court that is one-third the size of a full-size tennis court. The rackets used are paddles, which are solid and stringless.

How is Padel Tennis played?

  1. You must serve from underarm, and strike the padel ball at maximum height. It has a low compression tennis ball and a carbon fibre racquet called "Pala."
  2. The strokes are played either before or after the ball bounces off the surrounding glass walls, giving the sport a unique dimension over traditional tennis. 
  3. The ball must be at or below waist level when the racket hits it. 
  4. The opponent is allowed only one bounce to hit the ball back. The basic idea is to hit the ball onto your opponents' court and for your opponent to miss the ball or make the ball bounce on the floor twice. 
  5. Padel matches are played in a best-of-three format, which means two matches need to be won to win the game.

Why should children learn Padel Tennis Sport?

  1. Padel is a low-impact cardiovascular exercise when compared to other racket sports.
  2. Even for beginners, Padel tennis is a fun sport. Padel does not require as much physical exertion as racquetball, squash, or tennis.
  3. This sport doesn't include a complex set of movements, and also you are allowed to bounce the ball before hitting to make it more accessible.
  4. This game promotes social integration. The compact court, which is surrounded by walls, brings all four players physically closer together. As a result, cheerful banter and laughter between points are commonplace throughout a game of padel.
  5. Padel Tennis is an easy sport for children to learn because it's played with a lightweight racket.

Why should you consider PiggyRide to learn Padel Tennis?

  1. You will be taught by professionals. 
  2. You will experience quality training.
  3. Coaches will provide specific attention to each player based on their potential and abilities.
  4. Certified course.
  5. You will be provided proper guidance and strategies.
  6. Personal guidance according to the needs of the trainee.

So if you are looking to learn padel tennis, then you're at the right place. Our goal is to promote the game of padel all over the world. We want to assist you with the next level of training, whether you're learning a new sport, competing, or coaching padel.