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Kids Self Defence Classes

Learning Self-Defense is extremely important. Self-defence helps to prepare you for unexpected situations and also helps develop increased mental and physical health. Kickboxing, Karate, Aikido, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, are just a few variations of self-defense techniques. These basic self-defense classes will guide your child to the high level of spirituality and Kung Fu is for defence, knowledge, not to create war, but to create peace. Your kid will develop a lifetime-lasting self-defence skill right with our online self-defence classes. These online classes will also help them to understand the defence mechanism stances like - Slip, and Duck techniques. Learning self-defense also has multiple other benefits such as boosting confidence, improving focus, developing motor skills, improving physical health, street awareness enhancement, overall fitness and toned muscles and extremely poised balance. Self-defense classes give your child the tools and skills he/she need to confidently assess a dangerous situation and navigate effectively.
Self-defense classes for kids will also include how to use hands, elbows, and knees for self-defending and counter-attacking. The classes aim at giving star rated classes for ensuring the best learning experience. Students will also explore various breathing methods, fighting techniques, combat skills, and much more.
These online classes to master the art of self defense begin with lesson introduction, followed by warm-up exercises and introduction to basic techniques. They are then introduced to pattern work, and finally to step sparring. Step sparring is attack and defence moves in sequence with a partner. Then the classes move to Self defence or restraining techniques and the children how to release from a grab or hold. Their core strengthening happens with power and accuracy work with help the children stabilise their bodies and strengthen their core balance. 
Self-defense is very important for young girls as it opens them to a sense of freedom and confidence. Building confidence in physical resistance skills allows girls to feel strengthened and enabled while feeling at peace knowing they're skilled enough to take care of themselves.
Gift your child these comprehensive classes of self-defense and get them trained with different techniques. Self-defense is an important skill to keep yourself prepared for any unfavorable circumstances. Help them learn the tremendous life long skills from experts by experiencing role-play exercises for untoward situations. Each lesson is designed to help your child defend themself with great strength. From defense with an attacker to mastering the counterpart, everything is on the list.