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The Portuguese language is the third most frequently spoken European language in the world.

Over 236 million people speak Portuguese as a second language around the world. By constructing Roman cities near the villages of ancient Celtic civilizations that had existed long before the arrival of the Romans, Roman troops, immigrants, and merchants extended the language.

It is a very different language and has a pleasant and lyrical tone to it. It's a fascinating and expressive language, with a large vocabulary and multiple interpretations for a single word. 

We all have options to make our children learn foreign languages like Spanish, German, French, Chinese, etc. 

 5 Fascinating facts about the Portuguese language-

  1. The global economy is expanding, and Portuguese is the official language of several emerging and generally successful economies around the world.
  2. Portuguese stands out as one of the best and most identifiable musical renderings.
  3. It may be of interest to you to learn that Portugal is the smallest country in Europe. Despite this, it has the highest number of world heritage sites.
  4. Until 2009, it only had 23 letters.
  5. It has 29 letters in its longest word.


Classes for the Portuguese language are not easily accessible in India, and we are clueless about any institution that teaches it. 

But here at PiggyRide, we make sure to bring all the courses and classes for children that are not easily available out there. As a result, we provide Portuguese online learning classes for your children to implant various aesthetic values and improve their skills.


Is the Portuguese language worth learning?

  1. Despite its global relevance, only a small percentage of the population speaks Portuguese. So Portuguese-speaking students will stand out from the crowd.
  2. Portuguese opens up more possibilities for employment in administration, art, music, dance, architecture, environmental science, global business, and advertising.
  3. If children learn Portuguese at a young age, it opens up a world of travel prospects for them.
  4. Brazil is India's most important commercial partner now. In India, there is a growing demand for Portuguese language experts in industries such as technology, economics, academia, and tech assistance.
  5. Proficiency in Portuguese will set your children apart from everyone if they start learning at an early age.

Importance of learning a foreign language?

  1.  Learning more than one language benefits your memory, focus, and listening abilities.
  2. Learning a new language boosts self-esteem, opens doors to new opportunities, and allows you to stand out. It has the potential to increase your job prospects in the future. Companies prefer candidates who are fluent in a second language. 
  3. Learning a new language entails becoming acquainted with a different culture. It encourages you to be more empathetic, imaginative, open-minded and accepting.


What will you learn in Portuguese online classes?

We provide A1 and A2 Levels which usually covers

  1. Basics of a language.
  2. Daily life conversations in Portuguese.
  3. You will learn to Introduce yourself.
  4. Over 100 vocabulary words. 
  5. Most useful verbs.
  6. Useful expressions in Portuguese.
  7. Proper pronunciation. 

Our major goal while teaching a foreign language is to help students progress from basic to higher levels of understanding and keep up with daily discussions in Portuguese. Our classes will assist children in gradually and naturally adapting to the structure of this language.


Why should you consider PiggyRide teaching the Portuguese language to your children?

  1. Live Interactive classes.
  2. Learn from certified teachers.
  3. Certified courses.
  4. Study material is provided.
  5. All Doubts will get cleared. 

Now some parents believe that their children are too young to learn a new language. Is this also true in your case?

 Although early age is the best time to absorb and learn a new language faster.


  1. According to studies, children as young as six years old learn and grasp information faster than adults. It is a scientifically proven fact that learning a new language from a young age is far easier than acquiring it later in life.
  2. Learning a new language at a young age fosters creativity and fulfills a child's curiosity.
  3. It has been discovered that children who learn a second language have greater empathy for others and are more open to diverse cultures.

We live in a time where the more languages we speak and comprehend, the more we share our ideas, opinions, and knowledge with other cultures.

PiggyRide's Portuguese online classes allow your children to pick up an additional and unique language at their own pace. 

 Allow your children to learn the Portuguese language with our online classes and help your child to gain confidence.