Learn Persian Language from online classes on PiggyRide
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Persian Language Classes Online- Learn all levels of Persian 

Persian, the language originating from beautiful landscapes of the Middle East. This language instead of being not so popular and having fewer speakers as compared to other languages has a crucial significance of its own. Your kid can learn Persian online with our online Persian classes for kids. Before learning a language, knowing its levels is very important. 

The Persian language can be understood with the following levels of proficiency-

Beginner to Intermediate(ILR 0+ to 2)
Intermediate to Advanced(ILR 2-3 or higher)

At a beginner to intermediate level, a language learner is introduced to the fundamentals of Persian, common words, alphabets, numbers, everyday phrases, day, week, month name, or simple sentences. While during intermediate to advanced level, the difficulty of words gradually increases as per the learning graph of the student. After passing all the levels of Persian an individual will become a proficient linguist of this language. 

Why should a kid learn Persian?

Like any other language, learning Persian shares the same set of benefits for a kid. During the early stage of development, kids are on the verge of learning new words around them. This phase is perfect for them to learn a new language. Do you know? A kid's mind is more capable of learning a new language than an adult's. The reason is obvious! A kid is already exploring the world around him and getting to know new things every day. So language learning becomes one more task of the already existing learning journey of a child. 

Why choose our Persian Online Courses? 

Online Persian courses at Piggy Ride are personalized by professional linguists to suit the needs of a young kid. The classes are not made in a format of the plain bore, but in contrast, fun language games are added to make it interesting. The playful teaching approach of language trainers makes it appealing for kids to know an unknown language. We also offer basic to advanced language online classes to cater to the needs of kids of all ages, and knowledge levels. 

Explore the Piggy Ride platform and choose the Persian online course for your little one. Learning a new language adds another verbal skill to the existing ones. It also helps in increasing the cognitive abilities of a kid. So what are you waiting for? Enroll in our online Persian classes for kids and let the learning begin.