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Mohiniyattam Dance Classes

Mohiniyattam is one of the famous classical dances of India that developed and remained popular in the state of Kerala. Kathakali is another classical dance form of Kerala. Mohiniyattam as seen today has evolved through a long process of evolution. It traces its origin to the temples of Kerala. One among the eight Indian classical dance forms, Mohiniyattam is a graceful dance to watch and is a solo recital by women. The term Mohiniyattam comes from the words Mohini meaning a woman who enchants onlookers and aattam meaning graceful and sensuous body movements.

Mohiniyattam classical dance aid to the improved condition of heart and lungs, increased muscular strength, endurance and aerobic fitness, better coordination, better agility, better flexibility, healthy blood pressure, improved overall balance, and improved spatial awareness in kids. 

Learning mohiniyattam online also helps in preservation of grey matter and development of motor skills, better brain activity growth in kids, better coordination and Memory, and relieving stress and calming your child’s brain.
These online mohiniyattam classes also help the kids in understanding the culture and tradition of Kerala along with their heritage and essence through this dance form. This understanding positively impacts the social development of the child and makes them more approachable and sociable. 

Aid your child in their explorations of this culturally laden dance form and see them express themselves in meticulous ways. Their ability to act, enact, express and perform will boost their confidence and social presence. They would get over their stage fright, if any, and learn the art of making their presence felt.