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Kids Magic Classes

Magic classes for kids are more than just learning a skill and developing it over time. Online magic classes don't just equip your kids to be more social and confident, but also enable them to master the art of logical activity. Learning magic helps kids enhance their communication skills while fostering creativity and perseverance in them. Magic takes a lot of critical thinking and patience to master performing the trick smoothly. Perseverance and patience are important in multiple aspects of life.

Our Magic courses help children to excel in analysis, inference, interpretation, self-regulation, evaluation, and explanation. More importantly, magic tricks enhance manual dexterity in kids making them less clumsy and improving their motor skills, critical thinking as well as creative aspects. These Magic classes will help kids to explore many different forms of magic such as Classical Magic, Manipulation, Sleeving, and learn different magic tricks such as Body load magic tricks.

Magic isn't just about the tricks or the clean finger swaps, it is about engaging stories to divert the audience at the right time, in the right direction. These online classes develop storytelling skills in the kids which helps them hold stable and engaging conversations for life. The art of learning magic is very rewarding for the performer as well as the audience. Magic defies language, age, or background. These classes will surely boost your kid's confidence & competence, and make them more comfortable for public speaking or performance arts.

These online magic classes have different levels for easier and deeper learning of the kids. It is a matter of practice that sharpens their skills in magic. In the initial stages, the kids would learn grips, straight cuts, holding a break, key card, glide, and more. The kids would work on perfecting their skills and soon move on to more advanced levels of magic. In advanced levels, the kids would learn false cut variations, double lifts, card to mouth control, thumb fan, shapeshifter change, snap change, colour change, card spring and much more fascinating tricks to make the audience marvel after each trick.

So Get ready to let your kid develop great interpersonal communication skills, increase concentration & manual and mental dexterity while having fun with magic tricks! Magic can change the way your kid looks at the world.