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The Italian language stemmed from Latin like any other Romantic language such as Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Romanian. 

After the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century, the Italian language evolved. 

However, before that Latin, Language was dominant among cultures. It was the only language used among people, Universities and the systems of the church. 

Poets created this beautiful language. A great amount of writing, particularly poems, began to be published in Italian from the beginning of the 13th century. Writers helped in shaping its style, vocabulary, grammar, along with charm and sound. They made the perfect compositions.


  1. The Italian alphabet has only 21 letters. J, K, W, X, Y, and Z aren't used or are used rarely. Generally, it's not included in the official alphabet list. 
  2. Italian is one of the world's most widely studied foreign languages.
  3. The longest Italian term contains 30 letters in total.
  4. The word 'America' derives from the Italian language.
  5. Italy is the world's fifth most visited country, and it has the most UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

TOP 5 Reasons why you should learn Italian?

  1. Italian is the fourth most studied language in US institutions and high schools.
  2. Italy is now one of the world's most prosperous economies, and many employers are looking for individuals who can communicate in the Italian language.
  3. Learning a second language can strengthen new regions of your mind and boost your brain's natural ability to focus.
  4. Several Indian organizations are expanding their competence in providing a wide range of BPO and KPO services across a variety of vertical industries. Due to a scarcity of Italian speakers in India, companies in the outsourcing industry frequently advertise for Italian speakers. Learn Italian to have a higher chance of landing a job.
  5. Proficiency in this language sets you distinctive in the job market and is extremely useful in a variety of disciplines and professions. 

What are some of the advantages of learning a second language?

  1. Multiple language knowledge has been linked to improved reasoning, problem-solving skills, and creativity in studies.
  2. In today's world, being multilingual is unquestionably advantageous. It is beneficial not only for traveling abroad but also for professional opportunities in other countries.
  3. It is said that Bilinguals have higher efficiency, better abilities, superior speed, and exceptional quickness when switching between tasks.
  4. Foreign languages provide access to art, music, theater, design, cuisine, cinematography, literature, science, and many other professions.
  5. When students study a foreign language, their analytical skills improve.

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  5. To learn a new language, many people begin by watching videos on YouTube or downloading online instructions. However, this merely adds to their confusion and does not address their concerns. Children will be able to clear their doubts with one-on-one classes with the tutors.

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