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Get your child intrigued by the French Language with our live online classes & courses. Learning a new language for personal growth or future job opportunities is a wise decision, and it would also be a rewarding experience for the children. French has a long and glorious history. It developed in the past 2000 years ago and is one of the most popular Romantic languages that stemmed from Latin. Not only is French the official language of France, but it is also spoken in sections of Belgium and Switzerland, Monaco, and parts of Canada, Lebanon, and Southeast Asia. French is the language of the future and international relations. French is the world's second most valuable language, and mastering it will make your child intelligent and more creative. It has a deep and rich cultural and historical beauty, and it has made significant contributions to literature, film, and art. French language classes will make children curious to know about a new culture. 

Do you think it's too early to start teaching your child a third language? However, the research demonstrates that it's never too early or too late to learn a new language. But It's proven that learning a new language as a youngster is easier than learning it as an adult. It's also proven in research that our capacity to learn a new language decreases over time. Because a kids' brain is more porous and malleable, they can easily access and learn a new language. Adults' brains already contain a larger amount of complex information. It's a little more challenging for them to learn a new language. 

Schools also offer the French language as a part of the curriculum from sixth grade. Learning a new language from scratch might get hard due to the pressures of other subjects. However, if children begin learning a second language at a young age, as early as 3 to 5 years, they will find learning a language easier to absorb and study. It looks like it is more convenient for them.


           How can Learning French Benefit Your Child's Career?

  1. According to the survey, French was placed second among the top ten languages. If a child desires to work in international business or politics, this can open up a world of possibilities. Additionally, the Tourism Department, the Foreign National Embassy, and other organizations provide several work opportunities to French speakers. It also can advance children to better positions in the corporate world.
  2. To be eligible for immigration to Canada, you must first obtain a certain number of points. There's a far easier option; if you know French, the entire process becomes much smoother and faster, as they prefer those who speak French.
  3. French is an analytical language that helps students structure their thoughts and build critical thinking skills. It's a philosophical language of renowned philosophers like Sartre, Derrida, and Descartes. Learning French in our enjoyable and interactive classes will aid in the development of critical thinking skills, which will promote analytical conversations such as debates and discussions. 
  4. The French language is developing at a greater rate than any other. According to a study, 750 million people will speak French by 2050. It's also spoken on every continent across the world. If a child wants to start her own business in the future, studying French will provide her with a plethora of ideas and openings, new markets, and geographical areas.
  5. Additionally, France is the world's fifth-largest economy. As a result, French speakers will always be in demand in the automotive, retail, healthcare, and many other industries.
  6. If children show an interest in the language during our French beginner level classes, they will be able to progress to advanced courses and have a firm grasp of the language. In the future, children may be able to give language exams and instruct. There are always some French teaching jobs available if they have a passion for teaching.


           Highlights of Our French Classes & Courses 

  1. Verified & Certified Tutors.
  2. 1:1 French Classes.
  3. Beginner to Advanced Level Classes.
  4. Hassle-Free Enrollment.
  5. Flexible Schedules & Customize Curriculums.
  6. Effective & Fun Learning.


PiggyRide guarantees that enrolling your child in our French classes will be a wise decision. Learning a second language as an adult can be challenging; start with us now! We'll make learning French easy and enjoyable. Your child will experience social, cultural, communication, and cognitive benefits. Learning a new language is about communication and connections; it also helps children comprehend and appreciate various cultures. Learning a new language has neurological advantages as well. It not only allows children to communicate in a second language, but it also allows them to master multiple semantic and grammatical concepts. So, Hurry up & Get Your Beginner-French Lessons Right Away!