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Drumming Classes Online 

Drumming has a positive effect on anxiety, grief, fatigue, depression and behavioral issues. While drumming children strengthen their ability to focus and work on impulse control and decision-making skills. Playing the drums can help people express themselves and get in touch with their emotional state.
Practising an instrument sharpens your child’s critical thinking skills through listening to others and your kid’s own self-correction. Drumming for kids allows your kids to develop your child’s analytical powers and your kid’s artistic sense. Depending on their age and personality, kids have a lot of energy. Instead of running around the house while your kid is trying to make dinner, they could be channeling their energy into drumming. It can even improve a bad mood by releasing endorphins. Research shows drumming to have a positive impact on cognitive development. Whether it’s listening skills, memory skills or fine motor skills, rhythm training comes with major benefits that can be applied in the classroom. In addition, playing the drums requires a lot of energy and as with any physical activity, it helps release negative emotions. Playing the drums improves the mood and reduces stress. Drummers have a more developed memory than people who don't practice an instrument. Playing a piece of music over and over until it is known by heart develops one's memorizing abilities. The ability to concentrate will increase progressively along with your child’s musical skills. Your child gets to learn a wonderful instrument along with picking up these qualities along the way in these online drumming classes. 
Playing the drums requires synchronicity between the brain's visual encoding and the body’s muscular coordination. Research shows that drummers are better able to control their motor functions, possess a higher degree of dexterity, are better at activities that require steady hands, and have the ability to react quickly.  Drumming demands the coordination of both fine and gross motor skills, mental speed, listening ability, and the ability to automate movements.