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With the introduction of funk and disco music in the late 60s and early 70s, urban style arose. In the metropolitan districts of Brooklyn, New York, African American and Latino youngsters pioneered new dance genres.

Some people believe that hip hop and urban dances are the same. That, however, is not the case. Hip hop is not the same as urban dance. Although urban dance styles have drawn inspiration from hip hop, jazz, and contemporary to some extent, they are still distinct genres. 
The hip-hop dance genre involves popping, waacking, and Krumping. On the other hand, Urban dance is heavily choreographed and based on the choreographer's interpretation of the music. Urban dance is a unique dance genre that offers standalone choreography. Rather than a whole training, it is based on a single choreography. 

Why should you consider PiggyRide to teach Urban Dance style to your child?

1:- PiggyRide provides an easy and clean process of teaching this dance genre. We know it is difficult to digest a single choreography in one go. So we have certified dancers who will break down the pieces of choreography for all the beginners to progress at their pace.
2:- Our dance instructors have won many awards and progressed tremendously. 
3:- Children will receive tremendous support and encouragement. Our platform aims to encourage kids according to their specific needs.
4:- Certified classes.
5:- Detailed training.

Why is it important to enroll your child in a dance class at an early age?

Dance has enormous health benefits. 

1:- It improves a child's physical health. Dancing is the best form of exercise, and encouraging your children to learn to dance at a young age will help them stay active throughout their lives.
2:- Children develop social skills, emotional skills, and self-esteem. 
3:-If your child is shy, dance is the best activity to gain confidence and openness. Our dance class helps them to break away from their shell and improve their skills. 
4:-Dance teaches perseverance, focus, and discipline to children. It requires immense dedication and concentration to master the steps of the dance. 

What are the perks of Learning Urban dance style? 

This dance genre incorporates other dance forms like hip hop, street dancing, jazz, contemporary, tap, and more. With just one dance, children will have the opportunity to learn about other dance forms as well. 

   The curriculum of our urban dance class
1:-Children will master the styles like popping, locking, spinning, robot, waving, tutting, and many more.
2:-Functional fitness and yoga.
3:-They will learn to interpret music.
4:-They will also learn to integrate different dance styles to create their choreography.
5:-The urban dance style has evolved from dance styles like jazz, hip hop, etc. Children will get familiar with other dance genres as well.
Try it out and book your next urban dance class from the convenience of your own home. Allow your youngster to learn the dancing style from our professional dancers.