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The Job of your feet is to walk, but their hobby is to dance ~Anonymous. Dancing is so much more than grooving to your favourite music. Have you ever observed your children swaying as soon as the music began to play? I'm sure you're now reminiscing the times your kid danced to tunes every time you played the music. PiggyRide provides a Live Bollywood Dance Workout for your children in a pleasant and safe environment, igniting the desire in their hearts to learn to groove to their favourite lively music. Excitement, fitness, happiness, enthusiasm, and so much more are all associated with Bollywood dance. Bollywood dance workout is not only a great method to express yourself, but it's also a great way to keep your kid active and energetic in their leisure time. Bollywood dance is a vital part of Indian culture, and it is unique in its ability to convey a story through facial emotions and body movements.The Bollywood classes will include Bollywood dance forms like Salsa, Jazz, Hip hop, Freestyle, and Bollywood style. The trainer has carefully choreographed all of the workouts. Students will be taught how to carry themselves with full expressions, faultless body language, and exquisite Bollywood dance moves from basics to intermediate steps.

           Importance of Enrolling your Kids in Bollywood Dance Workouts

  1. Bollywood dancing aids emotional, social, and cognitive development, devotion, discipline, and focus that children must acquire and practice. These are valuable life skills that will transfer to school, jobs, and other aspects of their lives.
  2. Learning Bollywood Freestyle dances has numerous advantages for your child, including improved cardiovascular, respiratory health, increased muscular strength, endurance, and aerobic fitness, improved coordination, agility, and flexibility, healthy blood pressure, improved overall balance, and improved spatial awareness.
  3. Dance instills perseverance in children's life as well. When learning to dance, a kid aims to perfect each movement, mood, and outfit. A dancer may also find it difficult to keep up with the tempo of the steps, match them to the music, or provide their finest performance at times. As they try again and learn from their failures, children develop a never-say-die mentality.
  4. Bollywood dancing is a well-proven stress reliever, and the joyous and fun spirit of Bollywood is the ideal medicine for worry and anxieties. It's a fantastic opportunity to forget about your troubles and escape for a while with dance workouts designed to rejuvenate children.
  5. Bollywood dancing is a high-intensity dance genre with rapid and energetic moves that help children overcome childhood obesity or lower their risks of being obese in the future.

The benefits of enrolling your kid in a Bollywood dance workout don't end here, and the list goes on. The kids need to taste and reap the benefits themselves while being a part of our Bollywood Dance family. Our choreographers have curated every dance step in accordance with the kids. Bollywood, Dance, and Music have lively vibrations in and of themselves, but if kids learn some upbeat dance moves to their favourite music, high and happy energies will permeate throughout your room.

           What Makes Our Bollywood Dance Workout Unique?

  1. Say 'GoodBye' to Group Classes & 'Hello' to 1:1 Dance Classes.
  2. Verified & Certified Choreographers.
  3. Customize Dance Curriculums.
  4. Basics to Advanced Classes.
  5. Hassle-Free Enrollment. 
  6. Comfortable Scheduling. 
  7. Choose From Our 1000+ Verified Trainers.

So, no more waiting or searching for dancing lessons on Google when you can customize dance curriculums, timings, choose your tutors, and also choose your child's favourite dance style from unlimited dance lists. So, Hurry Up and browse our dance classes for your kids.