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Classical Dance Classes - All about Expressions & Grace

Classical dance for kids is an intriguing combination of body and hand movements that teach children the value of India’s cultural heritage. Classical dance is known to be originated from Gods and curated by people. There is no denying that classical dance benefits children in innumerable ways, from helping them identify the inner strength to feel free and passionate in their identity. Explore our online classical dance classes on Piggy Ride, such as 

  1. Bharatnatyam
  2. Kathak
  3. Kuchipudi
  4. Kathakali
  5. Odissi 

 All Indian classical dance forms are associated with two crucial aspects, i.e., Nritta and Nrittya. Nritta is a pure dance form that involves only bodily movement without telling a story. While on the other hand, Nrittya is an art of mythological storytelling through dance gestures. PiggyRide aims to make children versatile with traditionally rich dance forms vi classical dance training.

Knowing Different Classical Dances

Bharatnatyam classical dance is India’s oldest classical dance type characterized by storytelling, spiritual themes, slower body movements, and expressive gestures. The repertoire of this classical dance performance involves three brackets namely “Nritta,” “Nrittya,” and “Natya,” which originated mainly from the ‘Natya Shastra.’ Bharatnatyam dance for kids can be a fantastic opportunity to explore the spectacular history of Indian temples, mythological stories, cultures, and much more. 
Classical dance Kathak is another significant Indian classical dance form used as a storytelling device on the verge of northern traditional temples’ history. It incorporates pulsating footwork, jaw-dropping bodily movements, technical postures, and graceful details. It is associated with storytelling, mesmerizing costumes, excellent footwork, and classical dance steps. 


Indian Classical Dances have now become world-famous, and Kathak is one of the most famous dances. It is one of the top ten most popular dance forms in the world. Indian classical dance forms display beauty, elegance, and grace through interactive dance steps. It's not simply dancing, but It's also a type of meditation that helps to keep the mind calm and tranquil. There are two basic aspects of Indian classical dances: Lasya and Tandava. These are the movements and rhythm, and grace, bhava, and rasa. Expressions, mudras, and gestures enrich the beauty of  Indian classical dance. 
Indian classical dances incorporate dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Kathakali, etc. Dances like these are an important aspect of Indian culture and heritage. 

Now the question arises, have you ever felt that your child has lost contact with his or her cultural roots? Do you ever feel like teaching your child about the greatest culture? No worries because PiggyRide provides Indian classical online dance classes for your little ones. This dance form will assist your little one in comprehending and carrying forward our beautiful, rich Indian culture. Allow your little one to dive into our incredible and diverse heritage and flourish into skillful little artists. It expresses the legendary stories from Indian mythological scriptures and great Indian epics, which helps children build a deep connection with India.  
Let's learn some benefits of Indian classical dance form- 

1)  Do you know Indian Classical dance teaches patience and discipline? Yes, that is true, as learning and mastering this dance form requires a lot of practice, perseverance, and effort. It helps them to be more patient and disciplined. 
2)  Learning Indian classical improves mind presence by focusing on body movements, spins, postures, flexibility, sophisticated footwork, eye synchronization, and facial expressions. It requires the brain to focus on various steps that help to improve the presence of the mind.
3)  It improves Children's health & lifestyle - 
Dance is a great way to increase strength and burn calories. 
4) Indian classical dance brings positivity in life- Dance is a way through which children can release their stress, emotions, and tantrums and stay positive. It expresses the legendary stories from Indian mythology and great Indian epics, particularly from the life of Hindu God Lord Krishna. It helps children to instill positivity. 
Imagine your children learning Indian classical dance online, which is both entertaining and beneficial to their emotional and intellectual development. You can learn various Indian dance forms online at PiggyRide.