Learn Acting & Drama from online classes on PiggyRide

Acting & Drama Classes 

Theatre or acting is a safe way to expose kids to difficult situations and show them firsthand how to handle these situations. It also helps in developing their communication skills. Theatre exposes young people to new vocabulary and ways of communicating. Through the arts of dance, acting, and music, children learn how to communicate in a variety of unique ways. 

Drama or acting promotes communication skills, teamwork, dialogue, negotiation, socialization. It stimulates the imagination and creativity; it develops a better understanding of human behavior and empathy with situations that might seem distant.

These are few of the credits that acting can help in a child: 

It builds confidence, concentration, helps develop language and communication skills, encourages children to cooperate, supports numeracy skills, helps children to understand the world around them, develops emotional intelligence and assists in physical development. 

It also improves certain other traits such as

Public Speaking, Teamwork, Poise, Conversation, and Understanding Viewpoints. Studies revealed that drama had a positive impact on students' development of communication skills, socialization levels, development of emotional intelligence, social skills, empathic skills, and empathic tendencies regardless of the grade levels of the students. 

Acting classes for kids induce Creativity, a Good understanding of emotions, scenes, and acting techniques, the ability to memorize lines,  the capacity to engage with the audience, and the experience to understand a character.

The acting classes at PiggyRide focus on all these qualities and growth, along with promoting healthy competition and sharing of knowledge amongst each other. 

Acting as a skill is admired by one and all. It adds great value and polish to one's personality. It also improves the way an individual perceives the emotions and actions of others. It improves body language and communication skills immensely. 

Exploring such courses at a younger age fastens the process of growth. It helps in deepening the learning and optimizing its utility.