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7 Solid Reasons Why Piggy Ride Over Other Cabs For Your Kids?

There are 1000’s of cabs outside then why to choose PiggyRide for your kids?

If you have the same thought in your mind, then here are the 7 solid reasons for you to opt for PiggyRide.

1. Safest Ride For Kids

We take the safety of your kids as our utmost priority and hence use cutting-edge technologies to make sure your kid is riding safely with us.

These are the technologies that we use to ensure the safety of your kids.

1.1 Live GPS Track

To help you to track every move of the cab your kid is traveling.

1.2 Live Video Surveillance

With our 360-degree camera, we capture every activity of the driver and activities inside the car. You can even watch the video feed of the ride-on-demand captured with our 360-degree camera.

1.3 AI & ML-based driver behavior scores

Through AI & ML-based technologies the driving behavior of the driver can be detected and scored. So no more worries for rough driving or hard turns.

1.4 Panic Buttons & Car Immobiliser

We have 2 Panic Buttons on both sides of the cab for emergency cases. The cab can also be immobilized immediately as soon as any suspicious activities would be reported by us.

1.5 Geofencing

We can always be notified if the driver takes an off-route from the territory marked by us for a ride.

1.6 Outward Camera Feature

With the outward camera, you can keep an eye on the traffic and the road. With ADAS technology, we also get notified if the driver is not following the basic driving rules.

2. Verified Drivers

Not only technologies but we also care for the driver who is going to commute your kids and strictly follow a15-step verification process to test their behavior, check their background and have a Police- Verification.

We make sure that your kids are traveling in the right hands. We also verify the condition of the vehicle that is getting used by us.

3. Easy Recurring Ride 

You as a parent need not struggle to book rides again and again for dropping your kids every day. If your kid is going to any regular class, you can book our recurring ride once and can be relaxed for the rest of the year.

So if your daughter has her dance class on Wednesdays and Fridays only, you can select your schedule once and you’re all done.

4. Budget-Friendly

We provide exciting offers for all our recurring rides along with taking care of your budget as well along with the safety of your kids.

We have no waiting charges or other charges that can increase the base fare. 

5. No Peak Time Charges

The usual fare from location A to B is 180 INR which becomes almost 400 during rainy days, right.

This is something you’re not going to face if your kid is traveling with  PiggyRide. No matter if it’s raining or high traffic outside, our charges for pre-scheduled cabs will be the same every time.

6. On-Time Drop

In this fast world, your kid needs to be on time for their classes. We optimize our routes and pick -up timings according to the drop time of the kid so that your kids can be punctual for their classes.

7. Same Driver For Both The Ways

We keep the same driver for both pick-ups and drop-offs reducing your pain of explaining the location and other things could be reduced.

So, no driver changes throughout the trip.

“Nothing is more important than your kids to be in safe hands”

If you still want to know more about us. We are always open for you to answer your queries.

All you have to do is to reach us at 63 64 63 62 63 or mail us support@piggyride.com

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