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What Makes Storytelling Effective In Anime?

With the passage of time (and a bit of globalisation + internet mania), we come across anime. Pronounced as “ah-nee-may”, it is a term from the Japanese comic book style and video cartoon animation where you can witness main characters, usually have large doe-like eyes. No doubt anime has wonderful characters but what stands out in everything is their unique storytelling technique. 

What Makes Storytelling Effective In Anime?

Unlike other animated series or cartoons, anime takes the courage to push the envelope, resulting in compelling storyline creations. Both kids and adults enjoy anime equally, despite most anime being targeted at adults. 

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Now, Let’s Discuss The Essential Part, What Makes Storytelling Effective In Anime?

Anime is known for its storytelling and plot twists. It seems that anime follows a bit different norm to illustrate varied stories to the audience with ease. Here, listing down effective anime storytelling technique that makes it distinguishable from others:

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1) It Pours Emotional Effect, Interest And Meaning

What basic things do we expect to see in a show? It should be attention-grabbing or have a list of interesting characters or something about its plot that must be great, right? The good news is anime has most of the things since the first episode. 

In western serials, we might have witnessed that most animated series don’t have emotional aspects present. They are more inclined towards responding to logical reasoning. However, it is not wrong, considering we look for a logical explanation for varied situations. 

But the following are the few things that pour emotional effect, interest and meaning in anime storytelling:

i) They establish (or at least try to establish) a meaningful conflict.

ii) Almost all the characters are likeable and not straight away boring.

iii) There are characters in anime that people “root for” or simply relate with their persona.

iv) Besides, the viewer knows that everything happens for a purpose. The scene will build a strong plot in the upcoming episodes. 

v) The most important thing, no matter whether you are a fan of anime, if you watch it once, you will desire to watch the next episode soon. Anime sustains viewers’ interest.

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2) Anime Storytelling Has Consistency And Logic

What Makes Storytelling Effective In Anime?

Much to a lot of people’s dismay, anime foretells a story that surpasses our ordinary reality. But that should be the plus point, considering we are watching animated series rather a live action. 

The best part about anime storytelling is their perfect interpretation of magic & technological advancement stories. Even after knowing that we are watching anime, we expect to have a logical sense of the story. Everybody appreciates logical consistency in serials or movies. 

In a great storytelling format, especially in anime when characters often gain new powers. In such scenes, sometimes they’re forced to chase bad guys/enemies, undergo special character development, and so on. These characteristics make the story rejuvenating. 

The point you should note here is the change must be logical. You can not develop the character out of blue or when you please. Instead, add spice & further developments when the story demands it. 

Let’s take the example of Claymore. In this anime, characters encounter new information about the world constantly, but the best part is all discoveries do not feel fake and unrealistic. 

3) There Is No Denial That Anime Has Creativity And Uniqueness

In addition to counteracting the need for logical consistency with the plot, anime has a lot of uniqueness and creativity in its storyline. Besides that, most anime series have recognisable traits and use various storytelling motifs associated with their genre. 

Most successful anime use tropes associated with their genre and use them in unique ways to make them more appealing. But that does not mean turning a happy genre into a sad one. Instead, they try to deconstruct the plot.

It works because with the deconstruction of genres, storytellers are trying to create something that comes out at the audience’s expectations. 

4) In Anime, With Each Episode, The Plot Moves Forward

What Makes Storytelling Effective In Anime?

The best part about anime that people can witness is it moves forward with each episode. The storyline does not seem to linger on one topic for longer. Instead, it gradually adds different points to carry on the plot. 

Though sometimes an episode can be extremely interesting and meaningful, but other times, it wastes viewers’ time. Nevertheless, the plot moves forward toward its conclusion. 

5) Anime Provides Closure And Awareness

When any anime starts, it leaves mysteries and unsolved questions in the show that unravels as it moves forward. As the story moves further, we witness different character narratives, plot twists, and much more exploration. 

Moreover, when a story gives its audience a piece of mysterious information, they would like to know the answer to that situation. We know that hints and intrigue are part of the interest. But, at the same time, we do not expect everything to be revealed to us. Not until the end of the show. 

That’s the best part about the anime series. They provide their audiences with satisfying closure and thoughtfulness. 

Final Words

It’s not a wonder that anime has effective storytelling techniques that make their series unique and out of the world. All the details mentioned above are convincing proof of that point. 

Also, at the same time, we can not deny that there is a lot of anime series which have bad storytelling formats. They couldn’t get to lure the audience as they should have. Anime series are the perfect opportunities for all budding storytellers to learn something new and improve their knowledge. It will teach you numerous twists & turns and help you with their placements too.

If you think that your kid has the capability to become the next great storyteller, we urge you to enrol them in online storytelling classes. It’s a convenient method to infuse basic storytelling techniques from an initial stage. You can book a free demo class and clear any doubts, you have regarding the same. And who knows, maybe your children will become the best storytellers in the future with their exceptional talents.

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